2023 Fall Sophomore SS Championship

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Published Date Written by Shane Patton

2023 Fall Sophomore SS Final

Shown below is the 2023 Fall Sophomore SS Final Cast (L-R):

I'm Your Huckleberry ... Barry Waack ... Aaron Wolken
Rodeos Cotton Candy ... Minkler/Reed/Smith ... Lance Teal
Wipeout Ruby ... Cress Hardeman ... Travis Carlock
Line Of Fire ... Chad Harston ... Chad Harston

The cast has arrived at the woods judge Anthony Allen is giving last minute instructions.
 Dogs are cast at 8:20 central time
Huck strikes for 100 under the minute
Candy struck for 75, Ruby struck for 50, Fire strikes in for 25
Aaron trees the wrong dog takes 100-
Fire treed for 100
Huck treed back in for 25, Huck is split and moves up to 100
Cast arrives at Fire's tree, shine time started
Plus up Fire he has the meat!
Fire sitting at 125+
Cast is walking a minute & Fire is recast
Carlock trees Ruby for 100 
The cast arrives at Hucks tree, plus up Huck
Heading to Ruby's tree she is about 600 yards
Cast hasn't had much down time, steadily walking through nice terrain and good timber
Candy trees in for 100
Fire restruck for 25 & treed for 100
Fire said he didn't like it.. packed up & left & took 100-
Circle up Ruby, walk a minute and recut
Ruby restrikes for 25
Candy's tree is empty, that puts her at 175-
Restrike Huck for 25
Tree Ruby for 100
22 minutes left in the hunt

Score Update
Huck 100+ , struck in for 25
Candy 175-
Ruby 150 Circle, 125 pending
Fire 25+, struck in for 25

Candy struck back in for 25
Plus Ruby up 125+
Ruby recut
Huck treed for 100
Fire treed for 100
2 running on Huck
2 caught him minus Huck 100
Cast is walking a long ways to Fire
Plus Up Fire!!! 
Fire is your 2023 Sophomore Division SS Champion!!!

2023 Fall Junior SS Championship

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Published Date Written by Shane Patton

2023 Fall Junior SS Final

Shown below is the 2023 Fall Junior SS Final Cast (L-R):

Mojo's Electric Buckle Bunny ... Morgan/Engle ... Justin Perryman
Jet's Bad Allie ... Caleb Gibbs ... Caleb Gibbs
Rackem Reno ... Larry Dotson ... Steve Yant

The cast pictures have been taken and cast is gearing up to head to the timber we should have action around 8!!

The cast is on headed to the timber action coming shortly!

The cast has arrived and dogs are being collared and instructions given....ITS GAME TIME!

Dogs are cut at 8:23PM...Quick action Bunny Struck for 100!

Reno follows suit and is struck for 75...Nothing from Allie yet

Bunny Looks up and is treed for 100!  Allie is struck for 50 with a line

Reno Treed for 25!

Cast has arrived at Bunny and Reno...Plus em up! Bunny 200+ Reno 100+

Bunny and Reno are walked a minute and 6 has been applied to Allie

Reno and Bunny are recut and both struck back in for 25

Bunny wastes no time and looks up again Justin books her for 100!

Cast is headed toward Bunny...Cast has stopped and put the two on Bunny...Broke

Two is back on Bunny...Broke again...working again.

Bunny packs her bags and heads out....minus her 100-

Dogs are all trailing now different directions

6 is working on and off...

Dogs are still trailing...6 is working on and off......still trailing

Reno looks up and steve says tree him for 100!

Reno decided to pack up and head out....Minus Reno 100-

All is quiet now and Brett has applied the 6 on all 3 hounds

Bunny is heard from and the 6 is broke....still trailing

Allie hasnt been heard from in a while....Bunny and Reno are still being heard and both are still trailing

Bunny and Reno are looking up but neither have been treed...Staitonary working

Bunny and Reno werent quite ready..Stationary is off both dogs are back trailing

15 minutes left to hunt.  Its still anyones to win.  Will Bunny repeat as back to back SS Champion?  Will Reno pull out a coon in the last few minutes?  Will Allie pull it out and put the Black & Tans in the winners circle?   The next 15 minutes will answer all those questions!!

5 minutes remain and still trailing

In the last few seconds Reno is treed for 100 and Allie trees for 100!! Hunt time is over two trees to score to determine our winner!!

The two caught Allie and a question has been put on the card.  The cast is headed to Reno

Reno was circled up.  Bunny is your 2023 PKC Fall Junior SS Champion

2023 Fall Freshman SS Championship

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Published Date Written by Shane Patton

2023 Fall Freshman SS Final

Shown below is the 2023 Fall Freshman SS Final Cast (L-R):

Thunderbirds Tha Juice ... Cole McVeay ... James Ashley
Oceandrives Cookie Monster ... Davenport/Davenport ... Justin Davenport
8:15 pups have been cast. 
Juice struck for 100 treed for 100
Cookie was struck for 75 deeper with a line
Cookie has been treed for 100 deeper in the country
Juice has been circled up for 200
Cast is headed to score Cookie 
Cookie has a BIG Oak
Don't take judge Hartwick long to find him. Plus Cookie 175+
Walk the minute and dogs have been recut. 1 hour and 10 minutes left to hunt
Don't take Cookie long long and she is struck for 100
Judge Hartwick has applied the stationary to Cookie 
Justin has put Cookie on the card for 100
Juice has been struck for 75 and treed for 75
Another big Oak tree
Misinformation Juice has 75 and 100 on this tree and Cookie has 100 and 75
They got the grease
Cookie 350+
Juice 175+
1 hour left to hunt 
Juice has been struck for 100
Juice treed for 100 
This could get interesting
Cookie has been struck for 75 with a line and treed for 25 with Juice
Big OL Oak tree cast looking for the critter
Judge Hartwick has circled them up.
Dogs have been recut 
4 trees and 2 coon in less than an hour for puppies is pretty good. Big Charlie must of took them to one of his honey holes 
Cookie has been struck for 100 and 6 is working 
Cookie says I'm over here dad and the 6 is broke 
6 working again on Cookie
The 6 catches Cookie and takes 100-
30 Min left 
Cookie 250+
Juice 175+
Cookie struck for 100
Nothing from Juice 
6 min rule is back on Cookie
Cookie says that 6 is not getting me and has broke it
Juice struck for 75 
Stationary on Juice with 4 min left in cast 
Cookie treed for 100 
Juice treed for 100
Who has the coon or do they both have a coon? Guess we will have to wait and see!!
Hunt is over and they are scoring trees 
Circle up Juice 
Minus Cookie 100-
Thunderbirds Tha Juice is the Freshman SS Champion 175+
Cookie 150+





2023 Fall Senior SS Championship

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Published Date Written by Shane Patton

2023 Fall Senior SS Final

Shown below is the 2023 Fall Senior SS Final Cast (L-R):

Shoot To Thrill ... Vanover/Drew/Bowman ... Lance Buchanan
Rockin R Honest Crowder ... Kevin Rash ... Travis Dill
Thawed Out Rat ... Zack Bartlett ... Zack Bartlett
Cam ... Bassage/Phipps ... James Bassage

The Finals Will be live streamed at the link below!!


2023 National Championship Play-By-Play

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Published Date Written by RDC

2023 National Championship Play-By-Play

Judge - Mike Hensley
Back-Up Judge - Mark Maginn
Guide -David Dial
Panel Members - David Dial, Jeff Nelson, Jim Fredericks
NC Sat Finals

Betty White.....Benningfield/Mullins/Strickland.....John Strickland
Loose Change.....William Cochran.....Steven Smith
Wipeout Pharmer.....Henry/Barnes.....Steve Yant

The final cast pictures have been taken and preperations are all but complete. The cast is leaving the fairground at 8:00 PM and we should have action around 8:45!  Stay tuned for plenty of action to come!!!!

The cast has left the fairgrounds and are in route to the timber.  We had a few showers earlier but the rain has stopped and the coons should be moving.  We should have action to report in the next 15 minutes.

The cast has arrived and dogs are being collared while judge Hensley gives his final instructions

The dogs were cast at 9:11...Quick action Betty struck for 100 Pharmer 75 and Change 50

Dogs have covered some territory already and getting in deeeppp

Dogs are trialing on deeper and deeper the cast is easing that way to try and stay within hearing.

Betty has decided to park and John books her for 100!

Change decided he didn't like that track and Change came into the cast minus him 50- and the 15 is working on Change.

Cast is heading to Betty, Pharmer has quieted down and Change is walking with the cast with the 15 working.

Cast has arrived at Betty she is handeled and shine time is started.  

The bright lights have hit the leaves now, still couldn't get him to look....Circle Betty

Betty is walked a minute and the 6 is applied to Pharmer.  Change still has the 15 working as well
Pharmer treed 100! Betty has been recut

Change has left the cast and the 5 is working on his 15.  Betty struck for 25

Change struck for 25....15 is broke

Change wants back in the game...Change treed for 100.

Cast has arrived at Pharmer...Shine time has started

Pharmer had the evidence plus up Pharmer 175.

Pharmer is walked a minute and recut as the cast heads to Change.

Change has the 2 working......

Change decided to move on minus Change 100-

Betty is trailing away from the cast Change is quiet at the moment along with Pharmer who is yet to be struck.

Betty is the only thing keeping the 6 off at the moment...

Betty loads up again and John wastes no time....Betty treed for 100

41 minutes left to hunt...Pharmer 175+ Betty 200C Change 150-

Cast is heading to Betty...Still not a bark from the other two.

Betty isn't close...The walk to Betty is underway

Stilllll walking to Betty...They have made ground but still have a bit to go

Cast has arrived at Betty..That quick they find him and plus her up 125+!

Cast is walking back to the last place Change was heard

Cast is still heading back to the last place Change was heard...

Cast has arrived back to the last place Change was heard and the 6 is applied with 12 minutes left in the cast

Not a peep out of Change or Pharmer...6 still working on Change

The 6 caught Change minus him 25-...Betty is cut with 6 minutes remaining

Betty strikes for 100 with 4 minutes remaining....Can Betty pull a coon out in the last 4 minutes or will Pharmer hang on and be our National Champion....Only time will tell

The hunt runs out and Pharmer is your 2023 PKC National Champion!!

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