2023 Senior Showdown Final Play-By-Play

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Final Cast: 
Judge: Jesse Lively
Back-Up Judge: Mike Hensley
Guide:Heath Holliman

Senior Showdown Sat Finals

Spring Creek Crush
Aaron Gamble, Owner/Handler

Coon Creek Big Mack
Jeff Salyer, Owner
James Ridgeway, Handler

Slow Talking Gunner
Jonathan Hadden, Owner
Caleb Hadden, Handler

Posted Land Slick
Noah Nester, Owner/Handler

The final cast has left the Country Club and headed to the timber we should have action 30 minutes.

The cast has arrived and Jesse is giving his final instructions.  The cast is lined up and ready to roll!

Dogs cut at 7:39....Slick is struck for 100 Mack 75.  Slick Looks up and is booked for 100 Mack is treed for 25.  Crush Struck for 50 with a line

Mack decided to head out and is minused 25-. Plus up Slick he has the grease.  Strike Gunner for 25 and tree Gunner for 100!

Slick is walked a miunute and recut

Cast has arrived at Gunner.  Shine time started......Ol' Ricky made it home Cirlce up gunner!

Gunner is walked a minute and recut..... Mack is treed for 100

Slick Struck for 25....Cast is heading toward Mack

Cast has arrived at Mack and it didn't take long....its empty minus Mack 175-

Mack is walked a minute and cut... Slick Treed for 100.

Cast has arrived at Slick and minus him both ways...

Slick was walked a minute and recut.  Strike and tree Mack 25 and 100 Gunner Treed for 25

Plus Mack and Gunner

Gunner Struck for 25 and Treed for 100...Sounds like maybe the same tree

It is the same tree delete Gunner

Crush Treed for 100 action is picking up.

Crush has the meat! Plus him up 150+

Strike is back open...Strike and tree Slick 100 and 100 Gunner struck 75

Slick had the evidence plus him 200+...putting him at 275+

The cast is walking back to the last place Gunner was heard to start the 6.

Gunner is heard and stationary applied....Slick is recut

Slick struck for 25...Gunner treed for 100!

Hunt time has expired.  Slick WINS the 2023 SENIOR SHOWDOWN

Gunner was on the same tree and was scratched

First Place:

Second Place:

Third Place:

Fourth Place:

View pedigrees of finalists here:


2023 Pup Shoot-Out Play-By-Play

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2023 PKC Pup Shoot-Out Play-By-Play
Dumas, Arkansas
Saturday • March 4, 2023

Backup Judge:

Shabel/Little/Heffington, Owner
William Heffington, Handler

Shack Tree Slammin Sis
Bruce Sommer, Owner/Handler

Fully Committed Money Shot
Lane Denny, Owner/Handler

Backwater Flip
Shotts/Harbor, Owner
Scotty Harbor, Handler


2022 Fall Sophomore SS Championship

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2022 Fall Sophomore SS Final Cast


Shown below is the 2022 Fall Sophomore SS Final Cast (L-R):

 FallSS SO Finals

Mojo's Electric Buckle Bunny ... Morgan/Engle ... Justin Perryman
Sundown Pepper ... Daniel Buchanan ... Daniel Buchanan
Pools Tr Thumpin Masta P ... Jensen Pool ... Jensen Pool

The final cast of the 2022 Fall SS Sophomore Division is set and action will come shortly!  The cast should be rolling out in about 15 minutes.  The final cast judge will be Brad Durham, back-up judge Chad Kennedy and guide Marlin Hanks.

Dogs have been cast minute is up Bunny struck for 100 Pepper for 75 and P for 50.

Bunny has picked a parking spot and Justin Trees her for 100.

P is heard from again and treed for 100 split from Bunny

Cast has arrived at Bunny's tree and lights have hit the leaves

The Play by Play reporter has went with Jensen to handle P update on Bunny's tree coming shortly

Bunny had the evidence plus her up 200.  She is recast and struck for 25.

The cast is headed to P to score her tree.

They couldn't get him to look for P Circle it up

P has been recut dogs are getting scattered out in opposite directions

P is struck back for 25 and they are closing the distance on the Bunny and Pepper

Bunny sounds like she has found another one tree her for 100!

Cast has arrived at Bunny's tree and shine time has started...Tree P right handed very close to Bunny's tree

Circle Bunny and on to P to see what they cant find

We are down to the final 15 minutes of the cast as they begin to shine P's tree

Bunny has been recut... P had the evidence plus up P 125+

P is stuck on the leash until they can get back to the last place Pepper was heard.  P is sitting at 125+ Bunny at 200+ with 11 minutes left

The cast over Bunny is your 2022 Fall SS Sophomore Division Champion!

First Place; 200+

Second Place;125+
Masta P

Third Place; 0

2022 Fall Junior SS Championship

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2022 Fall Junior SS Final

Shown below is the 2022 Fall Junior SS Final Cast (L-R):

 FallSS JR Finals

Heather Island Max Pressure ... Rainey/Rains ... Dustin Weed
Mr D White Yoakum ... Kyle Dortch ... Kyle Dortch 
Just The Bush Bandit ... Cleon Van Cleek ... Timmy Smith
The cast will be leaving the fairgrounds around 7:15 with bout a 20 minute drive to th woods.  We should have action coming your way around 7:45 tonight! STAY TUNED!

Slight delay....a wreck in route to the woods has the cast stuck in traffic...should get loose shortly

The cast has arrived at the woods, judge hensley is giving his final instructions as dogs are being collared!

Dogs are cut loose at 8:20

Bandit struck for 100 Max for 75 under minute...Bandit is minused 100 it turned out not to be bandit....move Max to 100 Strike D for 75 and Bandit back in for 50

Max and D are running in a bigggg corn field, Bandit is trailing through the timber

Bandit loads up and Timmy books him for 100 Kyle joins in the party and trees D split for 100

Tree is dead cast is headed to Bandit while the back-up judge and Kyle go to handle 

Bandit handled and shine time started.... still shining with no luck yet

Bandit had a circle tree, the cast is headed to score D

Bandit is recut for 25, scoring D now 

D had him in a hole..Plus up D 175+, walking D a minute to work the six on Bandit and Max

D is recut Max is heard deeeepppp

Max is 7/10 through the country, D is struck for 25...cast is spltting the difference between the hounds

Dogs are still trailing and cast continues to tighten up on the hounds

The Southern Illinois Corn field chase is on.   Dogs are in the corn field and are rollingggg

Still trailing, cast has settled in a gravel road, judge Hensley has found a comfortable spot to rest.

Action has slowed to a crawl, dogs have scattered and trailing in different directions

D has thinks he has found one, Staionary working on D

D treed for 100!!

23 minutes left to hunt D 175+ 125 pending Max struck for 100 Bandit 100- with 150C

The cast is headed to D, this one could put the final nail in.

The cast has arrived and shining D's tree.

D had a circle tree, walking D a minute and listening for dogs

Max treed for a 100, D is recut with 1 minute left in the cast.

Max's tree will more than likely decide our Junior Champion!!

Two working on Max...broke....they have a good walk to Max

Max is minused the two caught him

D is your Junior SS Champion!

2022 Fall Freshman SS Final

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2022 Fall Freshman SS Final

Shown below is the 2022 Fall Freshman SS Final Cast (L-R):

FallSS FR Cast301

Hard Knockin Suzy ... Shawney Knowles ... Shawney Knowles
Can You Hear Me Now ... Brian McDaniel ... Alan Rambo

The final cast of the 2022 Fall Freshman Super Stakes has left the fairgrounds and headed to the timber!  We should have action shortly STAY TUNED

Dogs are cut at 8:20 and the action is quick Suzy struck for 100 Now for 75.

Now loads up and Rambo books him treed for 100.

Cast has arrived at Now and it don't take long Plus UP Now.

Now is walked a minute and recut 

Now is heard from again and struck for 25.

Now is looking up again close to the last tree he made and is retreed for 100.

Now was handled on the same treed and is walked the minute and recut.

Suzy is still trailing...Now has the stationary working again on what sounds like the same tree again.  

Now is treed for 100 and is handled on the same tree for third time. Scratch Now

Suzy is your 2022 Fall Freshman Super Stakes Champion

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