CH Broke & Busted22RedMModern Day Outlaws$1,075.13TX
CH Outlaw High Rollin Gamble21RedMModern Day Outlaws$836.66TX
CH Big Walnut's River Banks18RedMGlenwood Kennels$605.88IN
CH Mosquito Creek Kat23RedFBingham Or Moore Or Bingham$592.00NC
CH Daugherty's Chithead Fred20RedMDean Daugherty$571.00IL
CH Wild Evaki17RedFJon Van Der Weide$426.25IA
CH Ragged Ridge Dixieland22RedFGlenwood Kennels$351.00IN
CH Bennett Hills Lil Red Don18RedMBo Bennett$330.00MS
CH Take It To The Cross Dove18RedFRohdeman Or Stark$292.00AR
SCH Dj's Little Red Sangria15RedFWilliams Or Williams Or Williams$269.38MI
CH Indian Creek Red Queen19RedFCartwright Or Shabel$237.00IL
Poff's Blue Ridge Hank21RedMHunter Poff$234.25VA
GCH Bankrupt Money Baby16RedFRalph Mcguffie$220.00TN
The Spider21RedMPaul Osborne$193.00CN
CH Trout Creek Pistol Paige19RedFCalk Or Shabel$192.50LA
Lucas's Little Gyp20RedFLucas Or Herman$166.00IL
All Grand Outlaw Mercedes20RedFModern Day Outlaws$141.66TX
CH Dry Valley Ravishing Ruby20RedFStan Morris$135.00MO
A&w's Rough Cut Jolene21RedFBrent Weatherford$133.13IN
Mosquito Creek Doc21RedMBingham Or Goetz Or Williams Or Bing$126.25IA
Outlaw G'$ Addiction20RedMShane Maxey$126.25IN
Mckinneys Elis Ace In The Hole18RedMKraig Mckinney$120.00IN
Irby's Dan22RedMAaron Irby$117.00MS
GCH Gillys Bankrupt Money Ruby19RedFJeff Gilfillan$110.00SC
CH Gilly's Bankrupt Money Spot21RedMJeff Gilfillan$110.00SC
Chao's Red Dawn22RedMSnyder Or Gottfried Or Stallard$110.00OH
East Fork Ok Red Penny B21RedFT J Bolin$72.00IL
Outlaw Black River Remi21RedFMawson Or Dominguez$67.50CN
Ing's Red Mojo20RedFGene Ing$66.00IL
CH Indiana's Freak Shot18RedMMike Rollins$63.00IN
Hws T-Top Banjos Penny B Quick18RedFWilliams Or Williams Or Williams$63.00MI
Ktk's Red-Hot Drip19RedMDylan Hill$54.00FL
Timber Rockin Red Rose21RedFJerry D. Crawford Jr$54.00SC
Living Waters Sunny16RedFNoah Clark$54.00MS


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