2024 Michael Moody Memorial Pro Classic Results!!

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Published Date Written by Shane Patton

The 2nd Annual Michael Moody Memorial Pro Classic is in the books! Congratulations to the final four who chose to split and seek shelter from the pouring rain. 

MS Vicksburg PC MMM Finals 2 10 24

The event was a huge success! Thanks to all the hunters for their sportsmanship! When all was said and done a total of $233,500 in awards were earned!

The Final Four chose to split. Results of the finals are posted below.

PKC would like to take this opportunity to say a SPECIAL THANKS to so many people. First, THANKS to ALL our judges and guides! Without your help, an event of this magnitude would be impossible!  THANKS to Mark Cascio, Dave McVeay and Gaylon Cooper of Nestle-Purina for attending our event and providing dog food for our hunters! Also, THANKS to Steve Sikes, and the Vicksburg, MS club for providing the guides and judges, as well as, all your help behind the scenes. Your help is very much appreciated! Lastly, THANKS to any and everyone that played any part in the success of this event! 


Thunder And Lightning ... Steve Sikes ... Steve Sikes
Blue Berry Wine ... Tidwell/Moody/Lively ... Jesse Lively Jr
Flatrock Packen Screamer ... Yoder/Burden ... Shawn Burden
Half Pint Junk ... Bob Dudley ... Daryl Guess

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