Gump Wins 2023 New York State Championship!

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Published Date Written by Shane Patton

Congratulations to Gump and Bill Hubbard for winning the 2023 PKC New York State Championship last night in West Valley, NY.  Gump is a 2016 model Walker Male, owned by Canniff/Hubbard.

NY WestValley SC Champion 04 28 23

Shown below is the 2023 PKC New York State Championship Final Cast (L-R):

NY WestValley SC Finals 04 28 23

Second Place; 150-
Hotshot Franke … Privitera/Hoelscher/Aitken … Scott Privitera

Third Place; WD
R&B's Bailey … Anthony Robarge … James Bassage

First Place; 25-
Gump … Canniff/Hubbard … Bill Hubbard

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