Bonnie Wins 2022 Missouri State Championship!

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Published Date Written by Shane Patton

Congratulations to Heartland Bonnie and Zach McBee for winning the 2022 PKC Missouri State Championship last night in LaPlata, Missouri.  Bonnie is a 2019 model Walker Female, owned by Corrick/McBee/Shabel and handled by Zach McBee.

MO LaPlata SC Champion 05 27 22


Shown below is the 2022 PKC Missourit State Championship Final Cast (L-R):

MO LaPlata SC Finals 05 27 22

Second Place
Shacks Southern Stogie … Smith/Cummings … Ronnie Smith
First Place
Heart Land Bonnie … Corrick/McBee/Shabel … Zach McBee
Fourth Place
Wade's Hardtime Luna … Casey Wade … Casey Wade
Third Place
Redneck Backwoods Shack … Cheyenne Cummings … Cheyenne Cummings
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