Rodeo Wins PKC Blue Ribbon @ Cedar Grove, NC

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Published Date Written by Jerry Moll

Cedar Grove, NC -
Saturday September 07, 2019

Congratulations to Scott Engle for handling Mojo's Electric Rodeo to their big win at the 2019 PKC Blue Ribbon Pro Hunt in Cedar Grove, North Carolina over the weekend. “Rodeo” is a 2016 Model Treeing Walker male co-owned by Randy Morgan and Scott Engle of Hillsboro, Ohio.  HUGE thanks go out to Hunt Director Tom Wilson and all the members at the Cedar Grove Club who organized this event, along with everyone who judged, guided, participated, or helped out in any other way. You all did an awesome job with this hunt!


The final cast Judge is Nick White. Panel Members were; Brian Gaston, Norman Perry and Ricky Cockman. The final cast Guide is Randy White.  The Play By Play man was Joey Fuller. 

Second place; $2,200 Winner
Bugeyed Double Flip Flop … Jerry W McNeill … Jerry W McNeill 

Fourth place; $1,000 Winner
Midnight Fly … Dake/Varner … Austin Dake

Third place; $1,500 Winner 
Hi Rollin Gas Monkey … Brewer/Gregory … Terry Gregory

First place; $4,500 Winner
Mojo's Electric Rodeo … Morgan/Engle … Scott Engle

See Semi-Final match-ups and photos here:

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