Slim Wins 2018 PKC River Bottoms Classic Opener

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Published Date Written by Jerry Moll

Junction, IL -
Thursday September 13, 2018

Thursday night's Final Cast came to hunt and hunt they did.  It was a warm September night for the early round, but it had cooled down nicely by the time final dogs were cast around 1:30 AM.  The raccoon seemed to move well for each cast early, but only one coon was scored on the final, and I'm sure Kenny would be happy to tell ya, Slim was under it!

18RBC ThuFirst

Thursday night's Final Cast Judge was Eric Henry, the Guide; Garrett Eblen and the In Woods Panel; Mike Hensley, John Ervin and Mike Dowler.  The Final Cast and their placements are shown below, left to right.

18RBC ThuFinal

Third place; $4,000
Mellon Cr Backwater Clyde … Thomas Braman … Danny Raper

Fourth place; $2,500
Pro Bait … Shabel/Cochran … Steven Smith

Second place; $7,000
Money's Chump Change … Heath Johnson … Dustin L Weed

First place; $17,000
Chances Are Slim … Kenneth R Mason … Kenneth R Mason

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