Thursday night opens with 274 pups!

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Sesser, IL - Opening night at the 2002 PKC Futurity saw 274 pups making the entry deadline. Showers passed through southern Illinois but the effect was not to deter the hopes and aspirations of the handlers as they focused on the $10,000 top prize and the prestigious PKC Futurity Champion title.

The initial entry produced 69 casts for the early round and all returned before the 2:00 AM deadline. Those cast winners were drawn into 18 casts for the late round. Here's how they drew and how they finished:

Cast One
Polly, Ralph Retherford
Abner, Timothy Hart
Cutter, Mike Creasy
CW - Cutter, Creasy Woodland Kennels owner, Mike Creasy handler

Cast Two
Ellie Mae, Lavonne Barron
Country, Ronnie Bone
Style, Jimmy Guess
Zack, Mike Hardwick
CW - Hayes, Jr. Country Style, James E. Guess owner/handler

Cast Three
Jenni, Jerry Moll
Pac, Craig Deschamp
Twister, Ron Deitz
Dynamite, Michael Moody
CW - Twister, Ron Deitz, owner/handler

Cast Four
Kate, Derek Woolman
Fiddler, Jr., Eric Dunn
Jody, Darren Rodgers
Leroy, Dwayne Frazier
CW - Stylish Jody, Rodgers/Rodgers owners, Darren Rodgers handler

Cast Five
Thunder, Darrian Martin
Don, Todd Norfleet
Buster, Jeremy Frost
Do Hickie, Mike Burrow
CW - Don, Bob Dudley owner, Todd Norfleet handler

Cast Six
Phine, Charles Payton
Whitey, Sam Wood
Sackett, Rick Vogel
Phire, Jeff Price
CW - Whitey, Sam Wood, owner/handler

Cast Seven
Stem Winder, Jackie Coomer
Crow, David Guy
Buck, Jarvis Umphers
Titey, Lawrence Proulx
CW - Stem Winder, Coomer/Smith/Vogel owners, Jack Coomer handler

Cast Eight
Jitter Bug, Roger VanMeter
Burt, Cecil Stanley
Abby, Gregory Taylor
Jim, John Roe
CW - Totally Awesome Abby, Gregory Taylor, owner/handler

Cast Nine
Lips, Daryl Thompson
Kay-Dee, J.C. Clark
Joker, Scott Engle
Jessie, Richie Foster
CW - One Time Kay-Dee, Randy Miller owner, J.C. Clark handler

Cast Ten
Smokin Joe, Steve Rodgers
Gritt, Dale Chapman
Flint, Dwight Newton
Pal, Terry Gwinnup
CW - Flint, M and G Kennels owner, Dwight Newton handler

Cast Eleven
Jose, Tom Lipe
Jane, Ron Pruemer
Willie, Chad Hicks
Crank, Ralph Ogden
CW - Black Fork Willie, Hicks/Hicks owners, Chad Hicks handler

Cast Twelve
Mucho, Avery Bell
Jo Jo, James Tirey
Charlie, Ashley Hopkins
Max, John Strickland
CW - Mucho, Johnny Altman owner, Avery Bell handler

Cast Thirteen
Slam, Tony Swinford
Boy, Shawn Rudy
Rock, Tam Young
Cash Flow, Gary Brewer
CW - Dark Hollow Slam, Walker/Swinford owners, Tony Swinford, handler

Cast Fourteen
Hope, Bruce Gilliam
Ripper, Ty Motsinger
Stella, Alan Rambo
Dossco, Bobby Cardwell
CW - Gorley's Stella, Shawn Gorley owner, Alan Rambo handler

Cast Fifteen
Rebel, Ronnie Keene
Bush Hog, Jim Burden
Bobby, Richard Lambert
Patty, Darren Stewart
CW - Prime Time Bush Hog, J.C. Ellis owner, Jim Burden handler

Cast Sixteen
Cindy, Kevin Turner
Cruise, Joe Brock
Polly, Brian Ballard
Lady, Jonathan Medlin
CW - Rat's Wild Cindy, Turner/Lynch/Carnegie owners, Kevin Turner handler

Cast Seventeen
Cookin, Mike Sheppard
Jake, Randy Booth
Bunker, Ed Martin
CW - North Bottom Bunker, Curt Hummert owner, Ed Martin handler

Cast Eighteen
Zeb Again, Barry Kiddy
Blaze, Kerry Hearld
Bones, Shane Green
CW - Stylish Bones, Shawn Gillespie owner, Shane Green handler

We are running a nightly play by play of the activities at the Futurity and will begin coverage tonight at 7:00 PM CDT. You will find the play by play action under the special link titled "Futurity Play by Play" on the PROHOUND Online Message Forum.

Congratulations to all the double cast winners that advanced last night and a sincere "Good Luck" to all those that will be trying tonight.

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