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Aurora, KY – Known to haunt Burger King restaurants and late night TV movie channels, the late King of Roc k and Roll was sighted last weekend in Aurora, participating in, of all things, a coon hunt! Apparently “The King,” is making the nightly trip from Memphis to hunt his pup, also named Elvis in the PKC Super Stakes Championship. The King seems to have really taken a liking to the sport in the after life and is doing quite well at it.

Hunting a Treeing Walker hound aptly called Hardwood Elvis Attack, The King made three appearances at the PKC Super Stakes Championship being staged at the Tennis Center at KenLake State Park dressed in the “new Elvis” attire seen here. Each time the pup out of Rat Attack won his cast, The King carried his scorecard into the headquarters. The David Parr Band, conducting a country music concert on Saturday night when Elvis made his second appearance of the Championship, greeted The King with a rousing rendition of “You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog” to the wild cheers of the crowd.

After putting two wins together on Saturday night and assuring a berth in the Semifinals, witnesses said Elvis was heard to be singing, “A hunk, a hunk o’ burning cash” as he laid his cast-winning scorecard on the table. With the ever present, “Thank you very much,” he promptly made his exit before crowds of screaming coon hunters in bibbed overalls could attack for autographs.

This may be the last we will see of The King for awhile. Elvis, the dog that is, was eliminated in the early round on Sunday night. The King did pause briefly Saturday night to speak to John Wick who was in the crowd and was heard to ask Wick if he could order a pair of blue suede froglegs before the next hunt.

Onlookers claim that Elvis, the man looked an awful lot like Louisville, Kentucky member Wesley Sanford who just happens to hunt a Walker pup by the same name. Those who attended the Breeder’s Showcase here in July will remember Sanford’s “Elvis” as the dog that performed tricks for the crowd.

It just goes to show that anything can happen at the grandest spectacle in coon hunting, the PKC Super Stakes and incomparable PKC World Hunt.

Ladies and Gentleman, Elvis has left the building.
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