Lyn Hardy benefit raises $4,800!

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The $1,000 Added Purse Benefit Hunt for Lyn Hardy was held by the Blackhawk Coonhunters Assoc. on Saturday 25th. We had a total of 40 entries. Conditions were extremely dry and dusty. Many hounds just couldn't resist treeing those empty persimmon trees. Still coons were seen on most all casts with several casts scoring on 3 to 4 coons. The final four decided to split and call it a night.

Final Four:

Snooter (325+)
Owner & Handler: David Crosby

7-Mile Swamp (275+)
Owner & Handler: Mike Miles

Snag (250+)
Owner: Massegill/Taylor
Handler: Chris Massengill

Cabo (250+)
Owner: Walker/Cross/Hawkins
Handler: Rickey Hawkins

Cast Winners:
Wipeout Willie
Owner: Creasy/Scott
Handler: Peanut Scott

Owner: Mike Miles
Handler: Bryan Strickland

Owner & Handler: Johnny Brock

Owner & Handler: Eddie Muse

Owner: R.D. Carnegie
Handler: Kyle Ballhagen

Owner: R/B
Handler: Carl Reed

Thanks to all that attended, gave items for the auction, and helped with the hunt. Also, a special thanks goes to David Crosby who donated his final four purse, $450 in all back to Lyn.

We raised over $4,800 for Lyn Hardy. We continue to pray and ask you to do the same for this amazing woman. She is recovering from her heart, lungs, and kidney transplant surgery.

Thanks again and may God Bless You All.
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