Merry Christmas

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Our kindly, heavenly, and righteous father we come to you with this humble word of prayer, asking that you allow us the ability to remember the true meaning of Christmas. Dear God, we pray that you will protect those Americans serving in the military overseas as they protect what we as Americans take for granted, our freedom. We pray that you will guide and protect all those who are traveling on the highways of this land as they go to and from the homes of their loved ones during this most sacred season. Lead them, guide them, and protect them. Our Father, we ask that no person go hungry, that everyone have a warm place to call home and celebrate the birth of our Savior. We ask that you comfort those who have lost loved ones. Give us the strength to accept that all things happen for a reason. Help us to remember that it is a privilege to be an American, and that each and every day we spend on this earth is a gift from you. We ask that you bless the leaders of this nation, and give them the ability to make the right decisions while giving us the ability to accept and support those decisions. As managers of the great organization we call PKC, please allow us the foresight to treat each individual member of this organization as we would like to be treated; fairly and impartially. We ask that you instill a “trust” in our membership that the decisions we make, although sometimes unpopular, are the decisions we feel are best for everyone. Give us all the ability to accept the things we cannot change, and to work for a better America for everyone. Amen.

From the PKC Family to Your Family, Merry Christmas!

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