2006 Handler Showdown

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The 2006 PKC Handler Showdown, co-sponsored by Nestle Purina and the Isle of Capri Casino, will be held on February 3 & 4, 2006 at the Isle of Capri Casino in Lula, MS.

The following list of qualifiers will receive a letter from PKC outlining the event, including specific times for picture taking, motel check-in, etc. Also included will be a confirmation form, which must be returned by the date indicated on the form.

Should you have any questions regarding this event, please call:

Roger Dale Carnegie
985-848-1111 (Office)
985-516-3112 (Cell)

November 2004
John Strickland
Buddy DeLettre
Jeff Ricklefs
Steven Smith

December 2004
Tim McKenzie
Tim Cramer
Blake Palmer
Derrick Vickers

January 2005
Ryan Crowson
Stanley Nichols
Ronnie Bone
Jody Jessup

February 2005
Steve Miller
Whit Harvey
Benny Taylor
Donald Mayo

March 2005
Ronnie Smith
Elmer Jenkins
Zack Dial
Rick Marshall

April 2005
Brent Springer
T John Treadwell
Cecil Stanley
Don Dunlap

May 2005
Eric Piatt
Josh Watson
Gene Driggers
Randy Booth

June 2005
Keith Husband
David Gleghorn
Josh Summerford
George Major Jr

July 2005
David Fleming
Jonathan Warrington
Corey Sexton
Kurt Ernestes

August 2005
Ricky Hawkins
Thomas Barrett
Shane Hughes
Joe Leuke

September 2005
Oscar “Bud” Stretch
Charles Payton Jr
Daryl Guess
Jeff Travis

October 2005
Michael Creasy
Ed Aughtman
Eddie Muse
Tam Young

Confirmations will be mailed by December 20, 2005 and must be returned no later than January 10, 2006.

Any member needing additional lodging can contact Isle of Capri Casino directly at the following number:

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