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Aurora, KY – The future to our sport will always be the younger generation. This evening PKC, along with sponsors Nestle Purina and American Cooner, held the Youth Championship finals along side the World Championship finals. Sixty-seven youth from as far west as Oklahoma and Texas; as far north as Virginia and Pennsyslvania; and as far east as Georgia will compete for the title of Youth Champion. Here’s the line up for our first round of competition:

Cast 101
Judge: Josh Rutter
Guide: Josh Odom

Lost Mtn Lynch
Tony Hugey – O
Chris Hughey – H

Stylish Phret
Matt Marchant – O
Matt Simpson – H

Liberty Bell Skinnerd
Walter F. Deming – H
Roby Earl – H

Stylish Kitty
Mitchell Burns – O
Nathan Cable – H
Cast 102
Judge: Brad Hall
Guide: Elijah Hall

Abells Sugar
Robert D. Abell – O
Elijah Hall – H

Clear Crk Hickory Nut Bill
Bobby Fairchild – O
Tristin Stanley – H

Cable’s Coondog Jim
Kevin Cable Jr. – O/H

The Duke
Tim Gump – O
Joe Moore – H
Cast 103
Judge: Ryan Glover
Guide: Roger Henson

Crank’s Action
Billy Burden – O
Zack Burden – H

T N’s High Binder
Tam Young – O
Dylan Gattis – H

Pike Pass
Collin M. Helton – O/H

Taylor Springs Luke
Rusty Hutcheson – O
Dustin Wommack – H
Cast 104
Judge: Justin Wallace
Guide: Justin Wallace

Okla’s Blue Gal
Kim Blackman - O
Derek Gibson – H

Sain’s Blue Gal
John G. Sain, Jr. – O
Justin Sain – H

Hardwood Bags
JC Ellis – O
Garrett Eblen – H

Big Blue Juice
Matthew French – O/H
Cast 105
Judge: Jeremy Carpo
Guide: T.J. Moats

Drake’s Stylish Coshema
Drake Roberson – O/H

Cold Sweat
Lynch/Ahring – O
Davin York – H

Boone’s Water Oak Blue
Boone/Boone – O
Trevor Kratzberg – H

Sackett’s Little Lady
Jeremiah Roller – O
James Maples – H
Cast 106
Judge: Willie Smith
Guide: Austin Clark

Ragin Shay
Umphers/Sexton – O
Austin Clark – H

Indiana Hardwood Stinger
John A. Stuart Sr. – O
Austin Antrim – H

Brasher & Pratt Willie
Brasher/Pratt – O
Jake P. Brasher – H

Pee Wee’s Lex
David Sherer – O
Chase Sherer – H
Cast 107
Judge: Ronnie Starks
Guide: Derreck Hamby

North Ga Plt Razor
Eddie L. Anderson – O
Levi Ward – H

Crooked Creek Rattler
Jarrett Combs – O/H

H/J Cutta Girl
Jerald Hollingback – O
Robert D. Joslin – H

Johnson Creek Jo Jo
Heath Johnson – O
Dylan Hovey – H
Cast 108
Judge: Jim Lundy
Guide: Bobby Thompson

TR Talking Susie Q
Don Thorpe – O
Chris Thorpe – H

Liberty Bell Angel
Walter F. Deming – O
Dustin McCleery – H

Blue Crk Bazooka Joe
Adam R. Marshall – O
Adam P. Marshall – H

Rock River Katy
Johnathan Brown – O
Drew Benziger – H
Cast 109
Judge: Brice Miller
Guide: Mike Smith

Parker’s Oklahoma Hoss
Parker Renfrow – O/H

Pryer’s Alley Cat
Stacty Pryer – O
Anthony McLaughlin – H

Justin Hanks – O/H

Morgenthaler’s Rock
Greg Morgenthaler – O
Jordan Edwards – H
Cast 110
Judge: T. J. Moats
Guide: T. J. Moats

Reba Girl
Alberson/Hall – O
Andrew Bryan – H

Hardwood Kelly
Terry Decker – O
Michael Puckett – H

Clear Creek Sissy
Bobby Fairchild – O
Cody Fairchild – H

Cole’s Skuna River Lace
Raymond Cole McLane – O/H
Cast 111
Judge: TA Evans
Guide: TA Evans

Cain’s Rat Man
Clayton D. Cain – O
Jeff Stokes – H

Stylish Runt
Dennis Thornhill – O
Josh Thornhill – H

BW Wizard Aka Festus
Leonard / Allen – O
Cody Leonard – H

Stroud’s Impressive Abby
Charles E. Stroud – O
Kyle Smart – H
Cast 112
Judge: Matt Merchant
Guide: Emily Hall

Stylish Cry Baby
Richard Gipson – O
Emily Hall – H

Stylish Danny Boy
Charlie Thurman – O
Richard Umberger – H

Second Creek Termite
Newton/Roberson – O
Zach Brawner – H

B/S Wicked Pepper
Bond/Sterrett – O
Drew Green – H
Cast 113
Judge: Kevin Stone
Guide: David Dukes

Raider’s Death Row Bo
Jones/Evans – O
Hunter Jones – H

Miss Susie Q
Caleb E. Hood – O/H

Nocturnal Rat Poison
Mike Mize – O
Ryan Mize – H

Hawks Sampson
Roark/Garnett/Dalton – O
Matthew Roark – H
Cast 114
Judge: Charles Woodward
Guide: Phillip McLeod

High Point Chance
Ronnie Bane – O
Austin Bane – H

Tuff Company’s Rage
Jerry B. Cline – O
Austin Sigmon – H

Dusty’s Blue Ty
Dusty Todd – O/H

Rat Attack Son Jr.
Neff/Van Meter – O
Koady Neff – H
Cast 115
Judge: Patrick Cripp
Guide: Clark O’Brian

Hillbilly Red P.J.
Leroy Buster – O
Cody Todd – H

Mossy Oak Flatrock Rank
Mossy Oak Kennel – O
Katelyn Dianna – H

Turkey Foot Mason
Gary Tom Beaty Jr. – O/H
Casts 116
Judge: Mike O’Rourke
Guide: Casey Conners

Late Round Sassie Slammer
Trey Perrin – O/H

Stylish Zipper
John Umbarger – O
Brad Odom – H

Hughes’ Tree Talking TN June
John G. Sain Jr. – O
Jonathan Sain – H

Gilbert’s Rock River Please
Jerry Gilbert – O
Dylan Gilbert – H
Cast 117
Judge: Tom Blackwood
Guide: Tad Warford

Brushy Creek Amazing Cricket
Byram/Ergle/Rolin – O
Codi Perdue – H

Late Night Trick
Ed Aughtman – O
Justin Thornhill – H

Robbins Raging Tack
Treavor Robbins – O/H

Bailey/Stanfield – O
Tristin Bailey – H

Good Luck to all! Please follow the play-by-play cast winners on the message board!

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