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It is a beautiful night for the cham pionship at Parsons, had a rain yesterday and the temp will be down in the sixties. The moon is a little bright and some of the pups may have to squirrel hunt a little. There were around 170 entries in the Open Event and the Pup Derby. There were also 62 dogs in the Futurity Championship for a total of around 230 dogs. The Parsons boys did a good job of getting all the dogs out in short order. The Futurity pups drew out in nine cast each, cast winners will go back out in three cast and the three winners will hunt tomorrow night for the championship. The dogs have drawn the early round as follows: I am sorry but I do not have the name of the judge and guide at this time.


Cast 1
Judge – Clay Young
Jail Bait – David Knox – Clay Elliott
Remax – Tony Smith
Cookie – Sanders/Shuler – Derron Shuler

Cast 2
Judge – Danny Hamby
Clyde – Dennis Wentz – Todd Ackerman
Sun’s Shine – Sullivan/Sullivan – Coy Sullivan
Stylish Lou – Chad Blackwell

Cast 3
Judge – Peanut Scott
Stoney River Lady – Cook/Wallace – Justin Wallace
Who’s Crying Now – Vogel/Strickland – Rick Vogel
Bugeyed Terrible Tiny – McNeil/Brady – Jerry W. McNeil


Cast 1
Judge – James Baskin
Skin-em Up Drum – Kirby Irbe – Craig Irby
Our Dog Zoie – Williams or Bonds – Justin Bonds
Brown’s Hardwood Remedy – Barry Brown – Tracy Thompson

Cast 2
Judge – Avery Bell
Smut – Wesley Trammell – Fred Sauer
Cletus – Nick Alberson – David Dial
Nova – Retherford/Turner/Vogel – Bobby Beggs

Cast 3
Judge – Cliff Day
Hellbilly – Sanders/Shuler – Chance Kelly
Noc Noc Lock – Duane Mcvey
Pistol Pete – Stubbs/Meyer/Foster – Brett Meyers


Cast 1
Tree Screaming Remax – 350+
Tony Smith 0/H
Skuna River Doc
Heath Johnson O/H
Homestead Blazing It
Calvin McMorris

Cast 2
Buck Creek Freak
Steve Yant O/H
Jail Bait – 75+
David Knox – O
Clay Elliott – H
Muddyfork Daisy
Quinn Miracle O/H
Kepler Creek Gold Digger
Billy Joe Vise, Jr.

Cast 3
Cheat River Wild Ace
Phillip K. Peterson – O
Nick Brady – H
T.T. Mayhem
Jacob Heumphreus O/H
Stylish Wild Clyde –75-
Dennis Wentz O/H
Homestead Blazing It
Calvin K. McMorris O/H

Cast 4
Sampson’s Lovers Lane
Matthew Roark – O
Adam Roark – H
Crocketts Black Clip
Mike Crockett O/H
Stoney River Lady – 50-
Cook or Wallace – O
Justin Wallace – H

Cast 5
Brushy Creek Shania Twain
Ahring or Norwood - O
Scotty Norwood - H
Scene of the Crash
Lamb or Lamb O/H
Wild Diamond Riley
Dennis Wentz O/H
Who’s Crying Now Baby – 25+
Vogel or Strickland O/H

Cast 6
Richard’s Jacee
Richard or Richard - O
Forrest Richard - H
Bolton’s Coon Buster
Matt Bolton O/H
Hammer’s Stylish Slammer
Bill Davis – O
Tim Wallace – H
Sun’s Shine - 0
Sullivan or Sullivan – O
Coy Sullivan – H

Cast 7
Reggie Bush
Eddie Fields O/H
S&J’s Bam Bam
Stephen Audas O/H
Mountain Top Cookie – 350+
Sanders or Shuler – O
Derron Shuler – H

Cast 8
Mr. Jack’s Dot The I
Rick Riley O/H
Hensley’s Wildwood Hussy – O
Jeff Hensley – H
Legend’s Stylish Lou – 325 Cr
Chad Blackwell O/H

Cast 9
Shot Gun Bob
Tony Smith –O
Bud Hood – H
Billy Jack
Smith or Vogel or Cannon – O
Jack Coomer – H
Bugeyed Terrible Tiny – 150 Cr
McNeill or Brady – O
Jerry Wayne McNeil – H
Trackman’s Harkknockin Magy
Ahring or Turner or York – O
Gerald Turner – H


Cast 1
Wipeout Hellbilly – 200+
Sanders or Shuler - O
Chance Kelly – H
Easy Money
Fulmer or Odell – O
Steve Odell – H
Don’s Lone Pine Shame
Donnie R. Davis – O/H

Cast 2
Falling River Rose
Ralph Ogden O/H
Skin’em Up Drum 75-
Kirby Irby – O
Craig Irby- H
Rutter’s Cursin’ Witch
Joshua T. Rutter O/H
Mister Jack’s Junior
Eldon Corrick O/H

Cast 3
Hub’s Hanna
Paul A. Holt – O
John Clark – H
Neosho River Pistol Pete – 175+
Stubbs or Meyer or Foster – O
Brett Meyers – H
Long Tall Trixie
Jones or Miller – O
Steven Miller – H

Cast 4
Little Nova – 100+
Retherford or Turner or Vogel - O
Bobby Beggs –H
Cold Hard Cash
Bass or McCullar – O
Jerry McCullar – H
Yellow Hammer Jackie
Grayson or Owens O
John Strickland – H

Cast 5
Buffalo Creek Smut – 150-
Wesley Trammell – O
Fred Sauer – H
Nubbin Hill Gold Brick
Ronny M. Johnson – O
Tony Johnson – H
Clear Creek Bad Motor Scooter
Bobby Fairchile – O
Robby Tankersley – H
TNT rebel’s Last Chance
Turner or Turner – O
Eric Turner – H

Cast 6
Tar Scream’n T
Fuhs or Fuhs - O
Boo Boo Brady – H
Noc Noc Lock
Duane McVey O/H
Nose’s Stylish Page – 400 Cr
Tom Chambers O/H
The Wooly Bear
Jessup or Proulx – O
Jody Jessup – H
Nose’s Stylish Page
Tom Chambers O/H

Cast 7
Our Dog Zoie – 125+
William or Bonds – O
Justin Bonds – H
Hughes Black Gold
James Tyler Hughes – O
James Hughes – H
Hardins Creek T-Man’s Tucker
Rob Floyd – O
Adam Dunavant – H
Lone Ranger
Mike A. Carroll O/H

Cast 8
High Stylin Tiny
Jesse Lively, Jr O/H
Brown’s Hardwood Remedy – 200+
Barry Brown – O
Tracy Thompson – H
Tom Cruise
Retherford or Turner or Vogel - O
Charles Payton – H

Cast 9
Cletus Mayhem – 125+
Nick Alberson – O
David Dial – H
Little Six
Retherford or Turner or Vogel – O
Charles Marvel – H
Skuna River Brandy
Brian Weirich – O/H

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