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SUNDAY NIGHT October 21, 2007

There were 2 1 hounds that made the quarter-finals and are looking for the big money tonight. This is the way they drew out:

Cast 1
Judge: Mike Hensley
Guide: Bobby Jones

Redneck Girl
Heath Johnson – O
Brian Johnson – H
Score 25-

Jerry Rains – O/H
Score 0

Hub’s Hanna
Paul Holt – O
John Clark – H
Score 75-

Allison Chains – O
Horner/Walker/Smith – O
Ronnie Smith – H
Score 275-
Cast 2
Judge: Mark Hayden
Guide: Kevin Connors

Ron’s Lil Roy (CAST WINNER0
Ronald Williams – O/H
Score 150+

Treadwell Peggy
Treadwell/Van Meter - O
Danny Van Meter – H
Score 200 Cr

Edwards Billie Jean
Harold Edwards – O

Dwane Boyd – H
Score 100-

Hardwood Meltdown
Larry Horner – O
Mark Coovert – H
Score 200-

Cast 3
Judge: Cliff Day
Guide: Gary Brewer

Studdard’s Troubles
Rick Lynch – O
Chris Lott – H
No Score

Noc Noc Lock (CAST WINNER)
Duane McVey – O/H
Score 100-

Briar Creek Bandit
Chad Roberts – O/H
Sch (Return to tree)

Hughes Black Gold
James Tyler Hughes – O
James H. Hughes – H
Sch (Return to tree)

Cast 4
Judge: Vern Newland
Guide: Rickey Johnson

Big Time Buck (CAST WINNER)
Drennan or Mardis – O
Doug Mardis – H
Score 150+

Gora Head Ox
Ricky Grizzard – O/H
Score 175-

Lock River Jill
Michael D. Story – O
Gene Driggers – H
Score 175-

Cast 5
Judge: Clayton Dial
Guide: Shane Dunnaway

Hardwood Hammer (Cast Winner)
Anderson or Moore – O
David Rice – H
Score 0

Ragin Black Spud
Cook or Wallace – O
Justin C. Wallace – H
Score 25-

High Stylin Tiny
Jesse Lively, Jr - O/H
Score 75-

Cast 6
Judge: Josh Rutter
Guice: Tommy Crank

Swamp Stompin Abby
Deschamp or Harvey – O
Daniel Williams – H
Score – Sch Fighting

Helter Skelter
Engle/Gross/Davis – O
Timothy Waters – H
Score – Sch Fighting

Prime Time Screamin Wendy (CAST WINNER)
J. C. Ellis – O
Todd Armes – H
Score 150+

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