09 Black & Tan Championship

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Black and Tan Championship:

Ten hounds made it to the final on a cold bad night with the coon not moving very well. Clinton club did a very good job with the event with good food, comfortable clubhouse and good guides. Jackie Coomer and Ronnie Bone handled the judge and guide duties on the late round where they treed one on the outside and ran one in the ground. Chris Roughton’s Little Blackie had 200 plus on the one on the outside and could be heard in the ground fighting another coon. The cast had to call time to try to get her out of the hole and it about ten minutes over the hour and she had to be scratched.
The first round drew out as follows:

Cast 1
Picture: http://www.prohound.com/images2/B&T01.jpg
Jeff Nelson – O
Jeff Nelson = H

Trusty - Cast Winner
Raines/Raines – O
Gene Raines – H

Corey Sexton – O/H
Cast 2
Picture: http://www.prohound.com/images2/B&T02.jpg
Simmons/Yates – O
Eddie Simmons – H

Blackie - Cast Winner
Chris Roughton – O/H

Brian Burleson – O/H

Cast 3
Picture: http://www.prohound.com/images2/B&T03.jpg
Sexton/Cook – O
Billy Bell – H

Marvin Merner – O/H

Mandy 2 - Cast Winner
Nelson/Gelvin – O
Dale Sandell – H

Young/Young – O
Barry Kiddy = H


Trusty 2nd
Gene Raines

Blackie 3rd
Chris Roughton

Mandy 2 1st
Jeff Nelson

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