Blue Ribbon

Rainey Or Lunday Or RainsPCH Heather Island Big Time SleazyWalkerLF$4,890.00FL
Welch Or Strickland Or StockmanPCH $1000 Bill CollectorWalkerLM$2,420.00SC
Edsel GarrisSCH Garris Hilltop SkipWalkerLM$1,664.00NC
Berry Or Allen Or SweetPCH Ramblin' FeverWalkerLM$1,109.00SC
Berry Or Barrows Or SweetSCH Wee Getting DownWalkerLM$300.00IN
Radway Or MattsonCH All Nite RubeEnglishLM$300.00MA
Wadkins Or Murphy Or RaineyGCH Is It Good To You MelvinWalkerLM$300.00IN
Wadkins Or BettenCH Stylish KellyWalkerLF$300.00IN
Rainey Or Lunday Or RainsGCH Heather Island Mojo After DarkWalkerLM$300.00FL
Zuspan Or JusticePCH Buck Creek Showtime StyleWalkerLM$300.00WV
Cranston ClarkPCH Slow Talking PaintWalkerLF$300.00NC
Rabon Or HinsonSCH Wip3out 3sum Ril3yWalkerLF$300.00SC
Cecil SimmonsCH RazorWalkerLM$300.00NC
Bcb KennelsGCH Big Country's BoyCrossLM$300.00SC
Burch Or NettlesPCH The Hail Storms ComingWalkerLM$300.00SC


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