2022 PKC Youth World Championship Next Week

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Salem, Illinois
October 6-8, 2022 YWC2022Intro

The 2022 edition of the PKC Youth World Championship will be held this week in Salem, Illinois. The Salem crew and surrounding clubs are ready for a “large” time! The championship begins on Thursday, October 6th with the first round of qualifying. Any youth hunter winning his/her cast early and late will advance to the semi-finals on Saturday night. This process will repeat on Friday night. There will be no entry fee charged for any youth’s first entry. However, any youth hunter failing to advance to the semi-finals on Thursday night may re-enter on Friday night and will be charged a $30 re-entry fee.

Entries will be confirmed from 3 pm until 4:30 pm on Thursday and Friday. Any eligible youth hunter that has not reserved an entry may enter during this time-period. As soon as casts are drawn each night, all youth hunters are asked to gather at the north end of the building without dogs to begin cast pictures. We ask that all youth hunters pay special attention during this process to allow us to get pictures taken in a timely manner and get our youth hunters in the woods as expeditiously as possible.



Our annual Youth Program auction will be held on Friday October 7th at 3:00 pm. All proceeds from this auction go directly to our youth program and play a vital role in supporting the program for the following year. We welcome any and all donations, and invite everyone to attend, bid high and buy!

Please click the link below for the full brochure outlining the 2022 PKC Youth World Championship:


Everyone please be safe in your travels, as we are looking forward to seeing everyone in Salem, Illinois!