Flint River Boomer18EngMKerry Rooks$378.00GA
GCH Awesome's Hardtime Smoke13EngMLeonard Or Leonard Or Frye$306.00va
Kettle Hollow Millie19EngFAndy Lichlyter$293.33TN
Thunder Byrd19EngMMike S Winstead$292.75TN
SCH Hatchie River Jo Jo17EngFMurray Ragan$283.00TN
CH Big Red Ox19EngMZuspan Or Justice Or Sheets$278.25WV
SCH Lil Sneaky18EngFCarey Or Shabel$255.25TN
CH Bawlin Redrock05EngMWood Or Hart$220.00TN
CH Lawman19EngMShabel Or Little Or Heffington$216.00AR
CH B&s Loud Mouth Tree Shaker14EngMPokey Self$207.22OK
Timberjack Big Red14EngMTimberjack English Kennels$178.75PA
CH Wicked Squeak18EngMKen Smith$171.00ok
Heatseeker Mini Monster19EngFWilliams Or Whitmer$165.00VT
Pokie River Rip19EngMArrington Or Oxley$158.38WV
CH Ogeechee River Power18EngFGriffin Or Pinckney Or Davis$154.50SC
Ward's White Girl Brenda20EngFKatelyn Ward$144.00NJ
PCH The "wicked" Vapor13EngMSmith Or Shabel$144.00GA
Late Night Stormy19EngFZuspan Or Justice Or Sheets$144.00WV
CH The Wicked High Dollar Thrill19EngFTony Smith$136.50GA
Jack's Heatseeker Skeeter19EngFGrant Whitmer Jr$136.50NY
CH Wyville Bottom Girl18EngFRobert Milholen$130.00TN
Bishop's Hardtime Whitey18EngMAustin Bishop$126.00VA
CH Timberjack Hardtime Betty13EngFTimberjack English Kennels$122.75PA
CH Ozark Mtn Deacon18EngMOzark Mtn Kennel 2$110.00AR
Mcqueen's Blue Jack18EngMSteven Bryan Mcqueen Jr$110.00AL
The Wicked Mr. Freeze19EngMJohnny Hamilton$110.00IN
Blue Blazing Hot Pepper15EngFLeonard Or Rupinski$108.00VA
Timberjack Mailman Martin20EngMLevi Esposti$108.00PA
CH Oakwoods Poison Ivy15EngFBriggs Or Ward$108.00MI
CH Slab Creek Ivey17EngFKoley Wood$108.00AL
Bell's Tennessee Whiskey19EngMMandy Bell$108.00TN
CH Newton's Hardtime George18EngMJohnny Newton$102.50NC
Piney Creek Hardtime Sue14EngFCoty Young$96.25TN
CH Lost Mtn Sailor 317EngMLewis D. Linkous$96.25TN
CH Triple Oak Blue Belle18EngFTriple Oak Kennels$82.50KY
CH Flooded Creek Tite15EngMCarroll Or Young$82.50nc
CH Triple Oaks Blue Abby18EngFTriple Oak Kennels$82.50KY
Wreck It Ralph14EngMGeorge B Florence$72.00KY
SCH J&p John's Red Rufus16EngMBrendan E Taylor$72.00MD
SCH Looneyville Lucy15EngFPat Kee$72.00WV


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