SCH Hardlucks Loudmouth Big Lee17EngMChris Harley$3,600.07SC
CH Spiderbranch Ol Ruby16EngFClayton Smith$3,239.67AR
SCH Last Chance Hank14EngMManning Jr Or Young$2,621.88AR
SCH Classic Country Queen13EngFWilliams Or Boyd$1,772.74MI
CH Heather Island Bad News Bear15EngMRainey Or Lunday Or Rains$1,657.67IN
CH Timberjack Hardtime Betty13EngFEdward J. Esposti, Jr.$1,573.99PA
CH Bellars Reese Pieces17EngMTim Bellar$1,556.50TN
GCH Go With The Flo14EngFSutmiller Or Gilmer$1,521.58OK
CH Trios Nightime Spik17EngMTerry Jones$1,436.50TN
GCH Awesome's Hardtime Smoke13EngMKerry Rooks$1,416.50ga
SCH Hardtime Cooper16EngMHolmes Or Lehman$1,363.00IN
CH Tart's Penny16EngFMorris Tart$1,301.66NC
SCH Bad News Buddy15EngMBob Dudley$1,216.75AL
CH Chaser's Mighty Rufus15EngMManuel Mowery$1,194.00TN
PCH The "wicked" Vapor13EngMSmith Or Shabel$1,166.00GA
SCH Main Street Blue14EngMHack Or Whitmer$1,110.16OH
SCH Awesome's American Gangster17EngMJason Bullard$1,108.79NC
CH River Bottoms Flip Flop16EngMEligio T. Blanco$1,073.33TX
SCH Rocky Valley Shorty12EngFMike Mcclane$1,053.33TN
CH Mcculley's Cane Creek Gracie15EngFDwayne Mcculley$1,051.66TN
CH Tough Red Ruby Rango16EngMTarlton Or Lemon$1,040.00TN
CH J&p John's Red Rufus16EngMBrendan E Taylor$1,038.58NC
SCH Oakwood's Wild Crow14EngMBriggs Or Cannon Or Schellhorn$985.00MI
CH Frog Level Spark17EngMGilliland Or Pate$959.50AL
SCH Wade's Hardtime Luna14EngFCasey Wade$945.83MO
CH Heather Isl Late Night Bo Show17EngMRainey Or Lunday Or Rains$938.13GA
CH Bc General Lee17EngMDan Meuser$918.50IN
CH Austin's Deep Springs Rose14EngFTyler Austin$898.38NC
CH Hatchie River Jo Jo17EngFMurray Ragan$875.83TN
CH Tough Blue Diesel15EngMJason Wade$809.50TN
CH Apalachee #hashtag13EngMJoseph Nunnally$781.04GA
CH Hardtime Birdie15EngFWelch Or Jernigan$732.43SC
SCH Kays Cool Hand Luke15EngMGary Kay$688.50WV
CH Wiseboys Tramp16EngMDonald Wise$685.66MS
CH Cold Creek Jack Pot16EngMEthan Henderson$678.75AL
CH Awesomes Hardtime Acorn Shaker16EngMNoah Nester$663.00VA
CH Hall's Wild Child Reddy17EngFMerritt Or Raleigh Or Greer Or Hall$663.00MI
CH Oakwood's Fancy17EngFBriggs Or Cannon Or Trusty$655.75MI
CH Hardluck Mabel87EngFPaul Maupin$652.00TN
CH Show Time Frakie17EngMCarlton D. Hobbs$647.00AL


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