CH Tough Blue Diesel15EngMCannon Or Pratt$456.00TN
Johnny Hawk16EngMGary Trout$237.00WV
CH Looneyville Lucy15EngFPat Kee$233.00WV
CH Eel River Joy08EngFRobert E. Stallcop$140.40IN
CH Pettits Bo10EngMDavid Pettit$132.00IN
CH Turman Creek Bandit16EngMJoe Thompson$126.00IN
CH Kays Cool Hand Luke15EngMGary Kay$111.25WV
Oakwoods Poison Ivy15EngFJason Ward$108.00MI
CH Tarts Bonnie15EngFMorris Tart$108.00NC
CH Tyner Creek Ramblin Reba13EngFTidwell Or Moody$78.00MS
Rocky Run Bad News Snag16EngMGoforth Or Mccomber$72.00IL
SCH River Swamp Crow12EngMOdom Or Tanner$72.00GA
Sandy Crk Mainstreet Jesse14EngFRollie Barnes$72.00AL
Owl Creek Boss Man14EngMCumberland Or Strickland$72.00MS
Ohio War Nyhawk16EngMLonnie Eason$72.00OH
CH Silver Creek Razor14EngMRonald Cumberland$72.00PA
Ohio War Gun Jill12EngFLonnie Eason$72.00OH
Bc Jake The Snake17EngMJim Ridge$72.00IN
Dee's Hardtime Birdie15EngFDee Powell$68.40WA
Big River Homeboy12EngMAnthony Allen$66.00IN
W B Gabby15EngFChris Braley$66.00IN
Timber Rattlin Nine To Five16EngFBartlett Kimbrough$60.00AL
CH Hardtime Cooper16EngMJared Lehman$60.00IN
Tough Red Rango16EngMShane Wheet$58.50TN
CH Main Street White Poison13EngMBriggs Or Cannon Or Trusty$54.00MI
CH Oakwood's Wild Crow14EngMBriggs Or Cannon Or Schellhorn$54.00MI
Prime Time Jesse James13EngMRobbie Spears$54.00KY
Evans Wild Rita17EngFEric G Evans$54.00IN
Sinking Creek Thunder14EngMPaul Maupin$54.00TN
Chandlers Big Exit12EngMAustin Chandler$54.00KY
PCH The "wicked" Vapor13EngMSmith Or Shabel$54.00GA
CH Limited Edition Red14EngMMarty Ivey$54.00TN
CH Main Street Blue14EngMAskew Or Hack Or Carey$45.00OH
Pine Knob Iron Butch16EngMEddie Lemon$30.00WV


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