Beagles battle elements in Rushville

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Published on Wednesday, 22 February 2012 19:38
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Rushville, IL – Mix wind, snow, sleet and rain and you should come up with just the kind of weather that w

ould make a group of dye-hard rabbit hunters happy, don’t you think?

Well, happy or not two casts of beagles were released on Saturday morning at the PKC “Hound and Hunter” Beagle Event hosted by the club in Rushville. The $25 entry fee produced a purse of $120 to catch the beagler’s attention and make them brave the elements.

Hunt Director Aaron Bartlett says he elected to take his cast about 15 miles south to get out of the snow and hunted along the downwind side of a levy. That worked for awhile but once they lost the protection of the levy, things were pretty rough.

Here’s the way the 8-dog entry faired:

Beagle Event
Saturday, February 15, 2003
$25 Entry Fee
Split Winners

2nd – Shallow Pond Morning Misty
Aaron Bartlett, owner/handler
Rushville, IL
375 plus

2nd – Air
Roger Smith, owner/handler
Arnesville, IL
212 1/2 plus

Bartlett said he and Smith discussed hunting it off. First would have paid $80.00 and they both agreed that the $20 difference wouldn’t pay the doctor’s bill they were sure to be facing if they went back out in that stuff again.

Congratulations to the eight hearty souls that hunted the Rushville PKC Beagle Event.