Beaverdam, Ohio Beagle Event

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Published on Wednesday, 22 February 2012 19:39
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Beaverdam, OH - The Northwest Ohio Beagle Club is off and running. The club held its inaugural PKC "Hound

and Hunter" Beagle event this weekend to rave reviews by the participants and this writer as well.

Organization is the key to success in most any endeavor the club was well prepared to introduce PKC beagling to the group of ten hunters that came to the kickoff event.

The morning hunt saw three casts of hounds going to the field. Well before the deadline (always a tribute to the guides' ability to put the casts in rabbits a short distance from the club) three cast winners had been declared, registering scores of 575 plus, 525 plus, and 325 plus respectively.

The final cast was hunted and here are the results:

1st Place
Nate Graham, Piqua, OH, owner/handler

Three Jay's Jack's Ace
Mike Bellamy, Lima, OH owner/handler
Early round score 575 plus

Gibson's One Sly Shaker
Jason B. Gibson, Bluffton, OH owner/handler
Early round score 325 plus

All these hounds are now PKC registered and are on their way to the coveted PKC Field Champion degree.

Mike Bellamy served as Hunt Director and did a fine job. A special thanks goes to PKC coonhound veteran Vern Newland for all his help in making this hunt a success.

The club had coffee and donuts on hand for the hunters and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Jason Gibson is a Black Gold dealer and was prepared with sacks of the popular dog food to be given to each entry. Thanks to Black Gold and Jason!

The final cast found running conditions a little tougher than in the first series. Nate Graham with Tippy won the cast with 125 plus. Fred Dancer served as the Final Cast judge.

Congratulations to the winners and also to the Northwest Ohio Beagle Club on a great start. The club is scheduling a May event as well. Watch PROHOUND and The Rabbit Hunter for the date.

If you are interested in bringing PKC beagle events to your area, contact me, Steve Fielder at 269-321-1814 and I'll be happy to get you started.

Photo Caption: Left to right: Three Jay’s Jack’s Ace, Mike Bellamy, Lima, OH, second; Gibson’s One Sly Shaker, Jason B. Gibson, Bluffton, OH, third; Tippy, Nate Graham, Piqua, OH, first.

"All the winners. All the time!"

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