Cross Plains "Small Pack" Beagle Event

Cross Plains, IN - The inaugural event for the new beagle club at Cross Plains, IN saw 30 bunny-busters sh

owing up for the 7:00 AM deadline to try their hands at the $200 added purse and PKC awards.

Hunt Director Craig Tull reports the weather was beautiful if a bit too warm in the afternoon series for the hounds and the rabbits as well. "The rabbit gods were not in our favor on this day, but we did have several casts at least get a rabbit or more in the hour. There were no questions brought back to the clubhouse and everyone got along like professionals," said Tull in his report of the hunt.

Three new PKC members came onboard and six hounds were registered with PKC. "Overall, this was not too bad for the club's first hunt ever, but we found we have lots yet to do," said Craig Tull.

Earl Bruner was the first place winner. This makes more than $1800 won by this hound in two PKC Small Pack events. Congratulations Earl!

Here are the winners at Cross Plains:

PKC Beagle Event
Small Pack format
$200 added purse
30 entries

1st - Bruner's Gambler
Earl Bruner, owner/handler
$407.00 Open awards and added money

2nd - Surber's RC Red
Craig Louks, owner/handler
$99.00 Open awards

3rd - Wells' Blade
Sam Wells, owner
Leigh Ann Wells, handler
$77.00 Open awards

4th - Goodall's Firecracker Jack
Gabe Stockton, owner/handler
$45.00 Open awards

5th - Aftershock's Blue Shelby
Rusty Sullivan, owner/handler
$23.00 Open awards

PHOTO CAPTIONS: (LEFT): The winners pack at Cross Plains. This group earned a total of $651 dollars on their hounds at this event. (RIGHT) The hard working crew at Cross Plains who "worked their butts off" to put on this quality event are: Left to right, Jeremy Shadday, Kevin Graves, Todd Harpring, Kenny Harrison, Craig Tull, Tylyn Tull, Lorie Tull, James Hitchcock, Chelsea Hitchcock, Tracy Hitchcock, and Tosha Hitchcock.

Congratulations to all the club members, the hounds, and the handlers for a great job at Cross Plains!

"PKC - Beagling for bucks is where YOU need to be!"