Hunter Contrera Wins 2020 PKC Ohio Youth State Championship!

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Published Date Written by Jerry Moll

Cardington, OH -
Saturday August 01, 2020

Congratulations to Hunter Contrera of Ashland, Ohio for winning the 2020 PKC Ohio Youth State Championship last night in Cardington. Hunter handled Tyra Banks, owned by Justin French.

20OHState YthCh

The 2020 PKC Ohio State Youth Campionship Fianl Cast is shown below:

20OHState YthF 
First place; 175+
Tyra Banks … Justin French … Hunter Contrera

Third place; 25-
Hope's Ace … Richard L Moore … Caden Damman

Second place; 200c
Layback After Dark Ruby … Noon/Hamilton/Bowers … Cody Hill

Fourth place; 375-
Meadowoods Blue Realsteel … John A Gill … Anthony McFarland

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