Wes & Ruby Take Friday's 2018 PKC River Bottoms Classic Final

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Published Date Written by Jerry Moll

Junction, IL -
day September 14, 2018 

It was a hot Friday evening, both for the early round and as the late round headed to the timber about 1:15 AM.  The early round casts scored on several coon, while the final scored two, one by Ruby and the other by Latch.  The 25 points that separated Ruby and Latch in the strike column, was the determining factor between first place and second place, a substantial $10, 000 gap!  Stay tuned the for the final night of the 2018 PKC River Bottoms Classic!

18RBC FriFirst

Friday night's Final Cast Judge was John Ervin, the Guide; Garrett Eblen and the In Woods Panel; Mike Hensley, Eric Henry and Mike Dowler.  The Final Cast and their placements are shown below, left to right.

18RBC FriFinal

Third place; $4,000
Mellon Creek Meathead … Thomas Braman … Danny Raper

Fourth place; $2,500
Wipeout Jessie Jane … Cochran/Eaddy … Billy Bell

First place; $17,000
Halftime Ruby … Hamilton/Meyers … Wes Hamilton

Second place; $7,000
Wipeout Latch … Dial/Morgan … Shane Patton

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