W-O 3-Dee Wins 2014 PKC Blue Ribbon, Shelburn, IN

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Published Date Written by Jerry Moll

Shelburn, IN -
Saturday August 02, 2014

Congratulations to Wipeout 3 Dee, who bested the field this weeknd at Shelburn, Indiana's Blue Ribbon Pro Hunt.  Dee is owned by Crowson/ Moreland of Graham, Texas and handled by Ryan Crowson of Harrah, Oklahoma.  


Final Four Shown Below

Judge: Mike Hensley
Panel: Bud Hood, Dustin Troutman and Darrell Mayne
Guide: Jon Fulk

First place; 125+
Wipeout 3 Dee
Ryan Crowson-H

Third place; 300c
Wipeout Woodrow
Joey Craver-H

Second place; 325c
mirnoff Ice
Nickey Hale-O/H

Fourth place; 175-
Hardwood "Lil" Mollie Ann
Dustin Kern-O/H

Thanks to all who judged, guided, worked in the clubhouse, or bought an entry.  It was a GREAT HUNT!!

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