Stone Cold Joe Is 2014 PKC English Breed Champion!

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Published Date Written by Jerry Moll

Mt Orab, OH -
Friday June 27, 2014

Woodmasters Stone Cold Joe won the 2014 PKC English Breed Championship last night in Mt Orab, Ohio.  Joe is a 2007 English Male, owned by Larry Danner of Sycamore, Ohio and handled by James Tirey of Metamora, Indiana.


The 2014 PKC English Breed Championship Final Cast Shown below (L-R):

Second place;
Connell's Thunder Tammy
Sarah L. Register
Brett Denney-H

Third place;
Three Rivers Tonto
Britt Marchant-O/H

First place;
Woodmasters Stone Cold Joe
Larry Danner-O
James Tirey-H

- Early round Cast #1 -
14EnglishEC1Powerhouse Buck…Hurt/Weigand…Jeff Hurt
Briar Creek Chaser…Manuel Mowery…Manuel Mowery
Woodmasters Stone Cold Joe…Larry Danner…James Tirey-CW
Kate-N-Roys Demon Seed Psycho…Frank Manning…Frank Manning

- Early Round Cast #2 -
14EnglishEC2Bond Swamp Main Street Slam…Reeves/Brown…Steve Reeves
Three Rivers Tonto…Britt Marchant…Britt Marchant-CW
Davis's Coon Dog Spud…Clyde Davis Jr…Clyde Davis Jr

- Early round Cast #3 -
Raef's Fast Scooter…Mike Raef…Chris Hale
Hope I Got It…Farrar/Gaddis…Chris Farrar
Connell's Thunder Tammy…Sarah L. Register…Brett Denney-CW


$60 Open Event
$500 Added Purse
49 Entries
Final Four Hunted
Shown (L-R):

Third place; 50+
Duramax Diesel
Kevin Cable-H

First place; 150+
Mojo's Out Of The Dark Side
Randy E. Morgan-O
Jeff Osborne-H

Second place; 125+
Foggy Mountain Gomer
Randy Bentley-O
Nathon Brown-H

Fourth place; 50+
Vogel's Stylish Bawlie
Richard Vogel-O
Charles H Payton Jr-H

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