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North Vernon, IN – Friday nights are made for coon hunting. Just ask the 328 hunters who entered pups and big dogs in the second round of the PKC Labor Day Classic here last night. The entry, when added to that of Thursday night climbs to 554 hounds. It’s amazing to note that this hunt in only 5 years or so, has grown to that level but again, considering the amazing growth and popularity of PKC hunting, it’s not surprising.

Here’s how they finished on Friday night in North Vernon.

Pup Derby
132 entries
Split Winners with early round scores

4th – Jenni
Jerry Moll, owner/handler
675 plus

4th – Lacey
Colson or Turner, owner
John Colson, handler

4th – Ajax
Russ Bellar, owner
Bryan Whitted, handler

4th – Zeb Again
Barry Kiddy, owner/handler

Pup Derby Cast Winners

Meltdown, Turner/Lynch, Buzz Lynch, 25 minus
Arkie, Bobby Cardwell, 125 plus
Ox, Harold Jones, Brent Springer, 125 plus
Rockett, William Cochran, Steven Smith, 200 plus
Rat, J.D. Simmons, 75 minus
Lacey, Colson/Turner, John Colson, 650 plus
Knight, Dennis Archer, 250 plus
Cindy, Turner/Lynch/Carnegie, Kevin Turner, 350 plus
Joker, Leon Childers, Rick Shafer, 250 plus
Bobby, Richard Lambert, 25 plus
Reba, Carlton Reynolds, Marc Ruble, zero
Jade, J.C. Ellis, James Love, 75 plus
Hanna, Johnny Marcum, Wade Walker, 100 plus
Floyd, Kern/McPike, Dustin Kern, 375 plus
Willie, Peanut Scott, 50 plus
Dance, Woody Wright, 200 plus
Elvis, Wesley Sanford, 250 plus
Jack, Phil Griffith, 300 plus
Cottie, Ronnie Nickens, zero
Jenni, Jerry Moll, 675 plus
B.J., Charley Parsley, 125 minus
Stem Winder, Coomer/Smith/Vogel, Jack Coomer, 75 plus
Ajax, Russ Bellar, Bryan Whitted, 475 plus
Zeb Again, Barry Kiddy, 450 plus
Lexus, Fairchild/Scoggin, Brian Gray, 300 plus
Dot, Gilbert Couch, Tim Collins, 50 plus
Candy, Larry Proulx, 275 plus
Kojack, Clayton Sprouls, Denny Wilson, 250 plus
Gritt, Dale Chapman, zero
Phine, Charles Payton, 425 plus
Abby, Greg Taylor, 212 ½ plus
Country, Darrel Newton, Ronnie Bone, 350 plus
J.R., Todd Armes, 150 plus

Open Event
196 Entries
Split winners with early round scores

4th – Lee
James K. Atwell, owner
James M. Atwell, handler
650 plus

4th – Maggie
W. T. Wilson, owner
Leonard Toles, handler
637 ½ plus

4th – Homer
Clyde Gross, owner
Keith Holley, handler
600 plus

4th – Naylor
Jeff Smith, owner/handler
550 plus

Open Event Cast Winners

Chance, Rory Cowles, Jeremy Houchins, 150 plus
Buzz, Shuler/Gray, Harvey Shuler, 150 minus
Henry, Burgess/Burgess, Jr., Jeff Ricklefs, 200 plus
Willie, Paul McIntosh, zero
Patch, Harrison Browning, Tim Browning, 75 plus
Hank, Chuck Cliver, 350 plus
Naylor, Jeff Smith, 550 plus
Crazy, Barham/Warren, Chuck Barham, 225 plus
Sue, Rich Powers, 100 plus
Sable, Marc Shafer, 275 plus
Ripper, Massey/Beggs, Robert Beggs, 225 plus
Buzz, Steve McDowell, 25 minus
Dixie, Greg Benham, 200 plus
Sis, Gerald Elbin, Mike Walters, 175 plus
White Boy, Brian Gray, 150 plus
Molly, Allen Wilson, Chris Allen, zero
Abby, Cary Stender, 275 plus
Vegas, Kyle Gardner, 150 plus
Jane, Buddy Huff, zero
Warrior, Allen Gaston, 175 plus
Bell, Mitchell Burns, Billy Arthur, 75 plus
Jeff Davis, Green/Murphy, Carl Murphy, 150 plus
Minnie, Gary Davis, John Hull, 375 plus
Havoc, Lynn McCormick, David Seese, 100 plus
Undertaker, Jerry Spurlock, 300 plus
Critter, James Whiterode, 150 plus
Duke, George Wood, Brian Hartrum, 300 plus
Daisey, Dan Karshner, Jeremy Watts, 550 plus
Chipmonk, Rex Robinson, 175 plus
Fiddler, Bane/Bowling/Bane, Scott Christen, 125 plus
Lee, James K. Atwell, James M. Atwell, 650 plus
Viper, Dudley Jones, Brad Herbert, 250 plus
Sadie, McCauley/McCauley, Mike Newton, 100 plus
Rolex, Thomas Barrett, Rodney Linville, 125 plus
Little Man, Kenny Coons, 300 plus
Thunder, John Grigas, 150 plus
Maggie, W.T. Wilson, Leonard Toles, 637 ½ plus
Cookie, Tim Cowell, 450 plus
Sackett, Bane/Sawyer, Joey Roark, 175 plus
Angel, Lonnie Cleek, 450 plus
Dolly, Larry Wahlman, 250 plus
Super Bee, Mitchell Burns, Mike Goodpaster, 287 ½ plus
Homer, Clyde Gross, Keith Holley, 600 plus
Bobie, John Beuge, 200 plus
Bill, Mike Raef, 275 plus
Dixie, James Huffman, Dave Passek, 300 plus
Pete, Nicky Hale, 62 ½ plus
Haze, Walters/Walters, Josh Walters, 300 plus
Rat, Cliff Harris, 200 plus
Friday was a big day in North Vernon as the PKC/Purina National Bench Show Tour came to town. Continue to watch PROHOUND Online for winners and photographs.

PHOTO CAPTIONS: At left are Pup Derby winners Jerry Moll, John Colson, Bryan Whitted, and Barry Kiddy. At right are Open Event winners James M. Atwell, Leonard Toles, W.T. Wilson, Jeff Smith, and Keith Holley.

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