Labor Day Classic finishes at 1127

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North Vernon, IN - The Labor Day Classic is on the books with a total entry of 849 hounds hunting the even t. Add the 278 hounds that hunted the warm-ups at St. Leon, Cross Plains, and Shelbyville and the weekly total jumps to 1127 in the five nights, an average of 225 hounds per night! One would have to rate the 2002 PKC Labor Day Classic as a resounding success!

For the first time, an overall PKC Labor Day Classic Champion was crowned. The title went to the high-scoring dog for three nights combined. The 2002 Champion is Dixie, a Walker female owned by Greg Benham. Dixie won her cast all three nights with a combined score of 750 plus. Two other hounds won their casts all three nights, Millcreek Molly owned by Allen Wilson and handled by Chris Allen and Gritt, owned and handled by Dale Chapman. The Labor Day Classic Champion received a trophy and $200 cash from the host club, the Clifty Creek Coon Hunter’s Club of Dupont, Indiana.

Here’s how they finished on the final night at North Vernon:

Pup Derby
108 entries
Split Winners

4th – Sis
Bobby Sorrels, owner/handler

4th – Dottie
Brian Linnemeyer, owner
Curt Ahring, handler

4th – Stormy
Jimmy Herring, owner
Robby Stout, handler

4th – Brutus
Grady Brock, owner
Ryan Sanders, handler

Pup Derby Cast Winners

Gritt, Dale Chapman, 75 plus
Addy, J.C. Ellis, Anthony Arnold, 275 plus
Jenni, Jerry Moll, zero
Stormy, Jimmy Herring, Robby Stout, 500 plus
Chief, Edwary Gary, Phillip Conway, zero
Abby, Greg Taylor, 325 plus
Shorty, Danny Richardson, Mike Anderson, 225 minus
Max, Don Hall, 400 plus
Pixie, Chris Saunders, 100 plus
Sissy, Sharon Wilson, Clay Stephens, 75 plus
Sweety, Shelton/Thornton, 350 plus
Blue, Nichols/Roger, 250 plus
Country, Dick Brothers, 50 minus
Lucy, Jerry Wilkerson, 150 plus
Elvis, Wesley Sanford, zero
Hot Rod, Stan Sherman, Rick St. Clair, II, 200 plus
Image, Tyson Landsgard, 150 plus
Twister, Chester Cooley, 200 plus
Spider, Rodney Wheatley, David Coslow, zero
Abby, Jeremy Finley, 225 plus
Dot, Gilbert Couch, Tim Collins, 175 plus
Harry, Marvin Nisley, 225 plus
Country, Darrel Newton, Ronnie Bone, 300 plus
Chewy, Highsmith/Brand, Bobby Bowen, zero
Brutus, Grady Brock, Ryan Sanders, 450 plus
Sis, Bobby Sorrels, 550 plus
Dottie, Brian Linnemeyer, Curt Ahring, 500 plus

Open Event
187 entries
Split Winners

4th – Tuff
Curt Mernstes, owner/handler

4th – Jeff Davis
Greene/Murphy, owners
Carl Murphy, handler

4th – Spike
McPherson/Hedrick, owner
Brian McPherson, handler

4th – Buggy
Nathan Fields, owner/handler

Open Event Cast Winners

Roxie, Peel/Wilson, Andrew Mann, 125 plus
Moon, J.C. Ellis, Jim Burden, 150 plus
Tuff, Curt Mernstes, 812 ½ plus
Harry, B/J/B, Kenneth Jordon, 50 plus
Buggy, Nathan Fields, 550 plus
Buzz, Steve McDowell, 75 plus
Ann, Strickland/Cramer, Ronnie Smith, 200 plus
Patch, Harrison Browning, Tim Browning, 375 plus
Fancy, Mike Dohoney, Chris Cowles, 125 plus
Rosie, Irvin Sutton, 150 plus
Hooker, Jason Miller, Lynn Johnson, 375 plus
King, Ken Waters, Bobby Disch, 275 plus
Darla, Justin Davenport, 150 plus
Jeff Davis, Greene/Murphy, Carl Murphy, 612 ½ plus
Dixie, Greg Benham, 275 plus
Molly, Allen Wilson, Chris Allen, 225 plus
Sun, Tony Ray, Todd Brady, 125 plus
Chance, Rory Cowles, 175 plus
Sue, Scott Adams, Jarrod Sergent, 350 plus
Joker, Jeremy Kolleck, 350 plus
Shark, Mike Waltz, Eric Edwards, 225 plus
Sue, Rick Powers, 50 plus
Big D, Don Gostomsky, 200 plus
Crank, Billy Burden, Shawn Burden, 150 minus
Dixie, Ison/Shafer, Randall Ison, 400 plus
Gypsy, Pearce Williams, 50 plus
Jake, Mike Speckman, Troy Taylor, 50 minus
Lumber, David Fleming, 125 plus
Copper, Scott Merritt, 50 plus
Spike, McPherson/Hedrick, Brian McPherson, 575 plus
Pete, Steven Wilt, 200 plus
Penny, Anthony Jones, Tameico Johnson, 100 plus
D. J., Joe Mullins, 150 plus
Thunder, Denny Meredith, 262 ½ plus
Cox, Jon Flore, Tony Secoy, 175 plus
Skeeter, Robert Walters, 500 plus
Preacher, Aaron Gamble, 500 plus
Buns, Kenny Burris, 200 plus
Banker, James Maples, Coy Cole, 50 minus
Rank, Crites/Hughes, Shane Green, 250 plus
Jane, Buddy Huff, 200 plus
Spot, Ron McCauley, 300 plus
Slide, Manuel Mowery, Darrin Smith (Youth), 350 plus
Jr., Jon Cansler, 150 plus4th – Tuff
Curt Mernstes, owner/handler

PHOTO CAPTIONS: At left are the Saturday Pup Derby split winners, left to right: Bobby Sorrels, Curt Ahring, Robby Stout, and Ryan Sanders. At right are Open Event split winners, left to right: Curt Mernstes, Carl Murphy, Brian McPherson, and Nathan Fields.

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