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Sesser, IL - The second and final night of opportunity for pup hopefuls has come and gone with 278 competi ng in the early round. That's seventy, count'em, seventy casts of puppies and they were all drawn, called, and sent to the timbers around Sesser in less than 45 minutes tonight!

This was "do or die" night for those hoping to make the semifinal round on Saturday and to join the 18 pups that advanced from Thursday's eliminations. Here are the successful winners from the late round Friday:

Cast One
Bear, Roy Young
Star, Jerry Watts
Jamie, Paul Dorris
Dan, William Kelly
Kurt Ernest, Judge
Bob Heflin, Guide
CW - Texas County Jamie, Jeffries/Dorris owners, Paul Dorris handler

Cast Two
Sam Houston, Rick Stretch
Ace, Greg Haley
Charley, Ashley Hopkins
Jake, Michael Moody
David Fleming, Judge
Bill Clifton, Guide
CW - Big Bottom Charlie, Lynch/Hopkins owners, Ashley Hopkins handler

Cast Three
Gabe, David Cox
Killer Rat, Owen Shelby
Ann, Shane Green
Fanny, Brian Reece
CW - Stylish Ann, Hughes/Crites owners, Shane Green handler

Cast Four
Amos, Sonny Barlow
Kojak, Dennis Wilson
Jody, Charles Thornhill
Boy, Shawn Rudy
Urie Peachey, Judge
Larry Presley, Guide
CW - Thundering Kojak, Clayton Boyd Sprouls owner, Dennis Wilson handler

Cast Five
True Gritt, Dale Chapman
Logan, Patrick Fowler
Jitter Bug, Roger VanMeter
Swamper, Lee Dunning
Steve Campbell, Judge
Tom Lipe, Guide
CW - Jitter Bug, Holly/VanMeter owners, Roger VanMeter handler

Cast Six
Patch, Randy McLarnan
Jane, Sanford Newman
Junkie, John Rohen
Lady, Jonathan Medlin
Charles Payton, Judge
Dennie Cooper, Guide
CW - Black Creek Lady, Shackleford/Medlin owners, Jonathan Medlin handler

Cast Seven
Nick, Jeffrey Hurt
Tiny, Jack Cooper
Sackett, Rick Vogel
Jade, James Love
Josh Combs, Judge
Wayne Jacoby, Guide
CW - Tiny, Andy Cooper owner, Jack Cooper handler

Cast Eight
Chili Pepper, Bryan Bush
Bones, Cliff Day
Trimmer, Jerry Clark
Clarence Hood, Judge
Tom Blackwood, Guide
CW - Chili Pepper, Brian Bush owner/handler

Cast Nine
Buster, Paul Wilson
Rose, James Wadley
Brandy, Roger Williamson
Melody, Jeff Ricklefs
Clayton Dial, Judge
Zack Dial, Guide
CW - Hicountry Melody, Burgess/Burgess owners, Jeff Ricklefs handler

Cast Ten
Lexus, Brian Gray
Bobby, Richard Lambert
Homer, Keith Holley
Dancer, Ron Taylor
CW - Homer, Clyde Gross owner, Keith Holley handler

Cast Eleven
Twister, Chester Cooley
Grind, Doyle Branham
Ellie Mae, Lavonne Barron
Cruze, Joe Brock
Justin Davidson, Judge
Mike Bauman, Guide
CW - Grind, Doyle Branham owner/handler

Cast Twelve
Molly, John Isham
Abby, Jeremy Findley
Buddy, Steve Beggs
Rock, Jonathan Scattone
Charles Robers, Judge
Harry Connaway, Guide
CW - Hardwood Abby, Jeremy Findley owner/handler

Cast Thirteen
Country, Ronnie Bone
Joy, Willie Cole
Rose, James Baskin
Phillip McMahan, Judge
Charles Tate, Guide
CW - Silver $ Country, Darrel Newton owner, Ronnie Bone handler

Cast Fourteen
Rex II, Jeff Nelson
Heart Attack, T. John Treadwell
Jazz, Adam Joiner
Rock, Danny Hamby
James Hall, Judge
Robert Edwards, Guide
CW - Heart Attack, John T. Treadwell owner, T. John Treadwell handler

Cast Fifteen
Dan, James Misseldine
Slick, Kasey Montgomery
Delmer, Shawn Burden
Chunk, Craig Ocel
Chris Saunders, Judge
Cleve Pearson, Guide
CW - Chunk, Craig Ocel owner/handler

Cast Sixteen
Joe, Steve Rodgers
Rascal, Bill Morris
Kenny, Billy Ray Parrish
Misty, Shorty Guerin
CW - Prime Time Rascal, Rusher/Mason owners, William L.Morris handler

Cast Seventeen
Gin, Richard Johnson
Buck, J.L. Umphers
Quick, Archie Walls
Willie, Peanut Scott
James Tirey, Judge
Harry Sauerhage, Guide
CW - Stylish Gin, Paul T. Taylor owner, Richard Johnson handler

Cast Eighteen
Jet, Randy Maggard
Hot Rod, Rick St. Clair
Smokey, Randy Cumberland
Shane, Bryan Hall
CW - Jet, Randy Maggard owner/handler

The weekend Play by Play will continue tonight as we give you the early round matchups at around 7:00 PM CDST and follow with the late round matchups beginning at approximately 11:00 PM CDST.

Congratulations and a hearty "Good Luck" to all in what will no doubt be an exciting night of coon hunting competition, PKC style! Somebody's going to win $10,000!

PKC - Hunting your pup at the $10,000 Futurity, that's where YOU need to be!

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