Greencastle, Indiana Added Purse Results

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Greencastle, IN - The Deer Creek Coon Hunter's Club is one of the nation's oldest and best-known coon club s having hosted many major events over the years. The club hosted a $25 Open Event with $500 Added on Saturday, September 28th. Here are the results:

Open Event
$500 Added
26 entries
Split Winners

4th - BC Cruise Control
675 plus
Ridge or Smith, owners
Jeff Smith, handler

4th - Joe
325 plus
Cliver or Gilbert, owners
Mike Gilbert, handler

4th - Stylish Fiddler
375 plus
Bane or Benham or Bowlin, owners
Scott Cristen, handler

4th - Speed
275 plus
Darrell Patterson, owner/handler

Cast Winners

CW - Sophie
75 plus
Tom Hughes, owner/handler

CW - Jane
250 plus
Ed Wilkerson, owner/handler

CW - Hoss
125 circle
Mike Fleek, owner/handler

Report submitted by Thom Hacker

Congratulations to all the winners at Greencastle.

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