Tuesday night at the World Hunt

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Aurora, KY - The second night of qualifying for the PKC World Championship, the “World Series of Coon Hunt ing,” saw most of the late round cast winners having plus points. One cast was won in the minus category despite very bright conditions under a full Kentucky and Tennessee moon. The rains that came during Super Stakes week have improved tracking conditions and the foliage is still full here, downplaying the moon’s usual ill effects. Three hundred and forty-one hounds gave it a try last night with the following hounds winning both the early and late rounds:


Tuesday Night Late Round Cast Winners

Rutherford, Tennessee

Cast 201
Image’s Last Chance
Bondurant or Turner, owners
Brian Turner, handler
175 plus

Cast 202
Orrin Sackett
William Bondurant, owner
Gary Morgan, handler
200 plus

Elkton, Kentucky

Cast 203
Moreland or Dalton, owners
Ricky Cullins

Cast 204
Todd Brady, owner
Chris Lewis, handler

Cast 205
Jimmy Pierce, owner
Doug Jackson, handler
75 plus

Metropolis, Illinios

Cast 206
R. Nick Cain, owner/handler
75 plus

Dover, Tennessee

Cast 207
Stylish Lumber
David Fleming, owner/handler

Paducah, Kentucky

Cast 208
GCH Henry
Caldwell or Caldwell, owner
Justin Caldwell, handler
300 plus

Cast 209
SCH Deep South Pac Rat
R.D. Carnegie, owner
Craig Deschamp, handler
200 plus

Smithland, Kentucky

Cast 210
Rat’s Wild Cindy
Turner or Lynch or Carnegie, owners
Kevin Turner, owner
325 plus

Cast 211
Marc Ruble, owner/handler

Cast 212
Doug O’Tuel, owner
Clay Young, handler
275 plus

Clinton, Kentucky

Cast 213
Todd Armes, owner/handler
375 plus

Cast 214
Nocturnal Tipper
Dickerson or Meyer, owners
Jess Dickerson, handler
325 plus

Princeton, Kentucky

Cast 215
Grayson or Owens, owners
Ryan Owens, handler
175 plus

Mayfield, Kentucky

Cast 216
Sybert or Bodenbaugh, owners
Curt Sybert, handler
300 plus

Cast 217
Eye Knot
Larry Dean Weaver, owner
Alan Noneman, handler
225 plus

Aurora, Kentucky

Cast 218
SCH Tri Color Jack
Larry Proulx, owner/handler
25 plus

Cast 219
CH Langford’s Pumpkin
Langford or Massengill, owners
Bo Langford, handler
125 plus

Cast 220
Garry Dickey, owner
John Strickland, handler
350 plus

Cast 221
CH Bellar’s Ajax
Russ Bellar, owner
Bryan Whitted, handler

Cast 222
Cliver or Gilbert, owners
Chuck Cliver, handler
50 minus

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