Thursday night Late Round winners

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Aurora, KY - Three hundred and eighty-four hounds made the final attempt at a berth in the semifinals on T hursday night. Here are the successful hounds, their owners, and their handlers that will join the semifinalists from Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night when we draw the early round casts today at 5:00 PM. Now's the time to look back over the four nights and pick your winners.

Thursday Night Cast Winners

Rutherford, Tennessee

Cast 401

Haley’s Kansas Belle
Rod Haley, owner/handler

Cast 402
Foley’s Wild Maggie
Jack Foley, owner/handler
175 minus

Elkton, Kentucky

Cast 403
P.J. Cook, owner
James Hill, handler
175 plus

Cast 404
James Matheny, owner
Erick Fisher, handler
25 minus

Cast 405
6 Pak
Rattan or Nichols, owner
Brad Rattan, handler
200 plus

Metropolis, Illinois

Cast 406
Jimmy Wilson, owner/handler
75 minus

Dover, Tennessee

Cast 407
Late Round Hooker
Jason Miller, owner/hander

Paducah, Kentucky

Cast 408
Eddie Harris, owner
Steve Yant, handler
250 plus

Cast 409
Jam Box
Travis or Bundy, owner
Jeff Travis, handler
200 plus

Smithland, Kentucky

Cast 410
Vickie Lamb, owner
Jerry Moll, handler
75 plus

Cast 411
Sackett’s Rock
Robert Sheppard, owner
Garry Dickey, handler

Cast 412
SCH Rock River Sue
Ricky D. Powers, owner/handler

Clinton, Kentucky

Cast 413
Arlander McClendon, owner
Williiam Martin, handler
150 plus

Cast 414
Heart Attack
John Treadwell, owner
T. John Treadwell, handler
200 plus

Princeton, Kentucky

Cast 415
Estes or Estes, owners
Tim Estes, handler
200 plus

Mayfield, Kentucky

Cast 416
McCulloch or Moon, owners
Zack Moon, handler
225 minus

Cast 417
Cross or Walker, owners
Ricky Hawkins, handler
150 plus

Aurora, Kentucky

Cast 418
Joseph Scott, owner/handler
25 minus

Cast 419
Ron Tomlinson, Jr., owner/handler
375 plus

Cast 420
Tom Pier, owner
Jeremy Akers, handler
150 plus

Cast 421
Bob Dudley, owner
Mike Moody, handler

Cast 422
Ron McCauley, owner/handler
125 plus

Cast 423
Richard Vogel, owner/handler
200 plus

Cast 424
Bane or Benham or Bowling, owners
Scott Christen, handler

Congratulations to these handlers who will be hunting in the Semifinal round on Friday night.

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