World Hunt "Final Eight" Matchups

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Final Eight Matchups

Cast 601
SCH Rock River Sue
Ricky D. Powers, owner/handler

PCH Wa ter Oak Mable
Meyer or Dickerson, owners

Cast 602
SCH Deep South Pac Rat
R.D. Carnegie, owner
Craig Deschamp, handler

SCH Skuna River Fred
Sybert or Bodenburg, owners
Curt Sybert, handler

Cast 603
CH McClendon’s Ring Shank
Arlander McClendon, owner
William L. Martin, handler

SCH Salt Creek Jenni
Jerry Moll, owner/handler

Cast 604
Image’s Last Chance
Bondurant or Turner, owner
Brian Turner, handler

CH Heart Attack
John T. Treadwell, owner
George E. Major, Jr., handler

Good luck to each of you!

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