Important "Single Registration" Info

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Effective November 1st, hounds that are "Single" registered with PKC, meaning that they were not Litter Re gistered as puppies, must have a copy of a three-generation pedigree from a recognized registry indicating that the dog is from one of the recognized coonhound breeds; Black and Tan, Bluetick, English, Plott, Redbone, Treeing Walker, or Cur in order to be registered as a member of that breed. Otherwise the dog is registered as "Cross-Bred."

If you have submitted a Single Registration application and you do not wish your dog to be registered as "Cross Bred," you may change the registration to the desired breed by submitting your PKC registration papers along with a copy of the three-generation pedigree from the recognized registry. For a limited time, we will re-register your dog as a member of the breed indicated on the three-generation pedigree at no additional charge!
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