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Rushville, IN – The three-night Salt Creek Supply/American Cooner Warm-up Hunts, preliminary contests to t he main event, the PKC Labor Day Classic have drawn 360 entries, an average attendance of 120 hounds! The third hunt in the trio, the $1500 Added hosted by the Rush County Coon Hunters drew 152 dogs on Wednesday night.

Headquarters for the hunt, the Walker Community facility on Indiana Highway 44, just east of the town of Homer was jammed with hunters at the draw out, just the kind of crowd we’ve come to expect on the Wednesday night hunt. Scores at the end of the night typified those normally seen in this part of the country as readers will see in the following report of winners:

Rushville, Indiana
September 1, 2004
Open Event
$1000 Added Purse
99 entries
Split Winners

4th – Patch
Harrison Browning, owner
Tim Browning, handler
675 plus

4th – Millcreek Molly
Allen Wilson, owner
Chris Allen, handler
537 ½ plus

4th – Tack
Chris White, owner/handler
450 plus

4th – Stylish Jet
Dickerson/Meyer, owners
Russ Meyer, handler

PHOTO - In the photo at left are the Open Event winners, left to right, Tim Browning with Patch, Chris Allen with Molly, Chris White with Tack and Russ Meyer with Jet.

Pup Derby
$500 Added Purse
53 entries
Split Winners

4th – Magic
Mitchell/Mitchell, owners
Ronnie Bone, handler
800 plus

4th – Ring
Roger Miller, owner
Bryan Williams, handler
600 plus

4th – Hooch
J.C. Ellis, owner
Charles “Sluggo” Payton, handler
525 plus

4th – Stylish Gun
Stewart/Dixon, owners
Jim Dixon, handler
400 plus

PHOTO - In the photo on the right are the Pup Derby winners Ronnie Bone with Magic, Bryan Williams with Ring, Sluggo Payton with Hooch, and Jim Dixon with Gun.

The members of the Rush County Coon Hunters form a hardworking crew for this event. From the entry tables, to the kitchen, to the legwork in the woods, they are willing and able to conduct a quality PKC event and they certainly did last night. Thanks and God bless them for the job they did. They are a great group to work with.

And our congratulations go to the winners that left the clubhouse with that good old “PKC Green” tucked in their jeans.

We’ll be back with the report of the first night of the gigantic and prestigious PKC Labor Day Classic tomorrow night, right here on PROHOUND Online where it’s,

“All the winners. All the time!”
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