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North Vernon, IN – Two sporting events not postponed by weather are football and coon hunting. Although t he prospects of rain did not stop the hunt, it may have affected the entry slightly as the 2004 PKC Labor Day Classic got underway Thursday night in North Vernon. One hundred and eighty-one hounds went to the woods to compete for the $500 addeds in two divisions, Pups and Open dogs. Here’s the way they finished on Thursday night here:

PKC Labor Day Classic
North Vernon, Indiana
Thursday, September 2, 2004
Open Event
$500 Added Purse
113 entries
Split Winners

4th – Ranger
Tommy Vivian, owner
Judas Bowling, handler
675 plus

4th – Jane
Matt Ryan, owner
John Benham, handler
625 plus

4th – Dolly
Bob Dudley, owner
Matt Sanders, handler
525 plus

4th – Millcreek Molly
Allen Wilson, owner
Chris Allen, handler
475 plus

Open Cast Winners

1. Dawn, Fred Sauer, 112 ½ plus
2. Tuff, Kurt Ernstes, 125 plus
3. June, Scott Klobnak, 125 minus
4. Zoey, Brad Mitchell, 275 plus
5. Amos, Dewey Overturf, James Logan, 400 plus
6. Jessie, Burgess/Burgess, Donnie Melson, 325 plus
7. Sis, Gerald Eblin, Mike Walters, zero
8. Viper, Bernard Schwearing, David Friend, zero
9. Abby, Cary Stender, zero
10. Dossco, Robert Swain, Bobby Cardwell, 175 plus
11. Shockwave, Larry Weaver, 275 plus
12. Lawyer, Leonard/Allen/Jessup, Jody Jessup, 125 plus
13. Pete, Nicky Hale, 300 plus
14. Sweety, Larry Weaver, Nick Fifield, 300 plus
15. Reba, Scott Provin, 150 plus
16. Hunter, Bates/Duvall, Jeff Duvall, 150 plus
17. Dixie, Ison/Shafer, Dudley Jones, 200 plus
18. Gypsy, Pearce Williams, Jr., 187 ½ plus
19. Jenni, John Strickland, Jeff Ricklefs, 300 plus
20. Ranger, Tommy Vivian, Judas Bowling, 675 plus
21. Dolly, Bob Dudley, Matt Sanders, 525 plus
22. Rosie, Irvin Sutton, 50 minus
23. Doc, Phillips/Daniel, Kevin Phillips, 325 plus
24. Did not return at deadline
25. Shank, Arlander McClendon, 150 plus
26. Molly, Allen Wilson, Chris Allen, 475 plus
27. Ann, Harris/Yant, Randy Yant, 350 plus
28. Jane, Matt Ryan, John Benham, 625 plus
29. Buster, Vannie Griggs, Chris Griggs, 375 plus

PKC Labor Day Classic
North Vernon, Indiana
Thursday, September 3, 2004
Pup Derby
68 entries
Split Winners

4th – Ratso
Lonnie Cleek, owner/handler
500 plus

4th – Magic
Mitchell/Mitchell, owners
Ronnie Bone
487 ½ plus

4th – Dixie
Newton/Black, owners
Gene Driggers, handler
300 plus

4th – Smoke
Cook/Mitchell, owner
Roger Cook, handler 375 plus

Pup Derby Cast Winners

1. Sam, William Yancy, Kelly Henson, 137 ½ plus
2. Tuff, Devon Shuler, Hershell Gossett, 250 plus
3. Style, Lynch/Hopkins, Randall Hopkins, 75 minus
4. Squaw, Jerry McNeill, 250 plus
5. Ring, Grant Noeske, zero
6. Smoke, Cook/Mitchell, Roger Cook, 375 plus
7. King, Bennett/Ahring, Terry Bennett, 50 minus
8. Mojoe, Joe Newlin, 225 plus
9. Pride, David Cox, 25 minus
10. Rebel, Mark Degurse, 150 plus
11. Babe, Wooten/Markins, Rob Markins, zero
12. Fog, Duane McVey, zero
13. Ratso, Lonnie Cleek, 500 plus
14. Magic, Mitchell/Mitchell, Ronnie Bone, 487 ½ plus
15. Sadie, Matt Mattingly, Ernie Mattingly, zero
16. Dixie, Newton/Black, Gene Driggers, 300 plus
17. Mouse, Caleb Hood, Bud Hood, 225 plus

The running total for four nights for this year is 541 hounds, compared to 540 for the 2003 events, virtually a dead heat in the race to enter more hounds than before. With the high-scoring dog for three nights being crowned the Labor Day Classic Champion on Friday night, expect the entries to climb significantly over the next two nights. As this report is being filed, bench show enthusiasts are arriving at the fairground for the PKC/Purina National Bench Show Tour event beginning at noon.

As always, we’ll post the winners as they happen, on the official web site of the Major League of Coon Hunting – PKC!

PHOTOS - The photo at left shows the Open Event winners, left to right, Ronnie House, Judas Bowling with Ranger, John Benham with Jane, Matt Sanders with Dolly, and Chris Allen with Molly.

The photo at right contains the Pup Derby winners, left to right, Lonnie Cleek with Ratso, Ronnie Bone with Magic, Gene Driggers with Dixie, and Roger Cook with Smoke.

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