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North Vernon, IN - This is a classic competition coon hunt in every way, this thing we call the Labor Day Classic. It has all the elements of the classic hunt and Friday was the perfect example. We had a Purina National Bench Show Tour event at noon. Then as the Hoosier sun drifted westward, we saw veterans hunting in "Senior" casts, youth hunters hunting in "Youth" casts, and a mix of hunters in between, about 250 of them from every corner of the coon hunting world hunting in the open and pup derby events.

We had a damp, foggy night when virtually every cast scored at least one coon but the coons were playing hard to get. We also had an incident that reminds us that coon hunting is a physical sport that is not without its risks. This came to the surface in the case of a hunter falling over an embankment while shining a tree and suffering a broken arm. We even had a question or two brought to the clubhouse for resolution. Best and most importantly of all, we had a lot of folks from all over the country having a darn good time. This is the heart of the sport we all love.

Here are the hunters that went back to the motels last night feeling even better than the rest of us for the Labor Day Classic experience. They are the winners that took home PKC gold.

Labor Day Classic
Friday, September 3, 2004
Open Event
166 entries
Split Winners

4th – Speck
Bane/Bowling, owners
Jake Moore, handler
600 plus

4th – Tuff
Kurt Ernstes, owner/handler
550 plus

4th – Hayes, Jr.
Gerald Turner, owner
Matt Stout, handler (youth)
375 plus

4th – Sweety
Larry Weaver, owner
Nick Fifield, handler

PHOTO - At left we have the Open Event Final Four, Jake Moore with Speck, Kurt Ernstes with Tuff, Matt Stout with Hayes, Jr., and Nick Fifield with Sweety.

Cast Winners

1. Buster, Vannie Griggs, Chris Griggs, 250 plus
2. (Late at deadline)
3. Jenny, Craig Dall, 25 plus
4. Boom, Jason Bullard, Todd Tallon, 200 plus
5. Gobbler, Steve Ackon, John Benge, 325 plus
6. Ranger, Tommy Vivian, Ronnie House, 225 plus
7. Sweety, Larry Weaver, Nick Fifield, 375 plus
8. Speck, Bane/Bowling, Jake Moore, 600 plus
9. Patch, Harrison Browning, Brandon Fannin, 175 plus
10. Abby, Bill Bays, Bennie Cooper, zero
11. Tom, Deon Warren, Josh Davenport, 25 plus
12. Joe, Mike Hardwick, 300 plus
13. Kiss, Jerry Moll, 75 minus
14. Mo, Walker/Cross/Smith, Ronnie Smith, 25 plus
15. Undertaker, Larry Robinson, 250 plus
16. Shiver, Chris Saunders, 300 plus
17. Daisy, Karshner/Waters, Ken Waters, 200 plus
18. Moon, Medlin/Clontz, John Medlin, 25 plus
19. Tuff, Kurt Ernstes, 550 plus
20. Blue, Julian Hartman, Mike Raef, 350 plus
21. Jessi, K/M/C, Brett Meyers, 250 plus
22. Pipe, Albert Thornsberry, Terry Wilkinson, 175 plus
23. Rosie, Irvin Sutton, 275 plus
24. (Late at deadline)
25. Hunter, Bates/Duvall, Tom Bates, zero
26. Billie, Jeff Duvall, 100 plus
27. Lawyer, Leonard/Allen/Jessup, Jody Jessup, 200 plus
28. Dutchess, Brent Thompson, 150 plus
29. Duke, George Wood, Brian Hartrum, 275 plus
30. Bobbie, Cliff Benge, Troy Benge, 200 plus
31. Lucille, Thomas Earl, 275 plus
32. Shank, Arlander McClendon, 25 plus
33. Silk, Mike Stein, 225 plus
34. Harry, Josh Lowe, 200 plus
35. Abbey, Cary Stender, 50 plus
36. Buck, Don Gostomsky, 275 plus
37. Joe, Cannon/Smith/Vogel, Jackie Coomer, 250 plus
38. Duke, Daniel Walls, Tim Reynolds, 325 plus
39. Max, Robert Vanosdol, Kenny Miller, 100 minus
40. Yoyo, John Fraley, Brett Herman, 25 plus
41. Kane, Hershel Halcomb, Lonnie Hubbard, 250 plus
42. Hayes, Jr., Gerald Turner, Matt Stout (Youth), 375 plus

Pup Derby
September 3, 2004
89 entries
Split Winners

4th – Duke
Johnson or Schlosser, owners
Mike Goodpaster, handler
500 plus

4th – Marje
Barry Edwards, owner/handler
400 plus

4th – Nowhere
Larry Proulx, owner/handler
525 plus

4th – Death Wish
Walker or Smith, owners
Ryan Crowson, handler
325 plus

PHOTO - At right are the Pup Derby split winners; Mike Goodpaster with Duke, Barry Edwards with Marje, Larry Proulx with Nowhere, and Ryan Crowson with Death Wish.

Cast Winners

1. Cassie, Smith/Cannon/Vogel, Paul Dorris, 200 plus
2. Pride, Johnny Bell, Billy Carter, 25 plus
3. Lizzie, Russ Bellar, Bryan Whitted, 275 plus
4. Marje, Barry Edwards, 400 plus
5. Saige, Jerry Michaelis, 250 plus
6. Fog, Duane McVey, 150 minus
7. Dalton, Ronnie Nickens, zero
8. Storm, Todd Armes, 250 plus
9. Maggie, Bane or Bowling, 100 plus
10. Silk, Jeff Travis, 200 plus
11. Plank, Keith Medley, 200 plus
12. Gator, John Edwards, 125 minus
13. Fancy, Crites/Crites/Hughes, Ron Tomlinson, 200 plus
14. Nowhere, Larry Proulx, 525 plus
15. Mitzy, Johnson/Schlosser
16. Chrome, McCauley/Jackson, Mike Newton, 125 plus
17. Stone, Kenneth Guthrie, zero
18. Cash, Jeff Nelson, zero
19. Doc, Gilbert/Hollingsworth, Mike Gilbert, 250 plus
20. Death Wish, Walker/Smith, Ryan Crowson, 325 plus
21. Trackman, Ahring/Bennett, Curt Ahring, 237 ½ plus
22. Lill, Larry Weaver, Don Dunlap, 100 plus
23. Duke, Johnson/Schlosser, Mike Goodpaster, 500 plus

The best part of the Labor Day Classis story is that there is still one more night of competition to go. We hope to see you tonight at the 7:00 PM deadline.

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