Antrim/Benham split Youth Hunt at LDC

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Antrim/Benham split Labor Day Youth Hunt

North Vernon, IN - The Clifty Creek Coon Hunters of Dupon t, IN, hosts of the PKC Labor Day Classic hosted a $25 Youth Hunt on Saturday night at the “Classic.” Eight entries hunted in two casts with the winners of each electing to split the final. Here’s the way they hunted and finished at North Vernon:

Cast One
Smooche, Paisley/Sannon, owners
Josh Forsee, handler

Danny Knott, owner
Ashley Knott, handler

Tyler Thompson, owner/handler

Mark Antrim, owner
Austin Antrim, handler

Cast Winner – Austin Antrim of Liberty, Ind., with Nameless won the cast with a score of 150 plus.

Photos: (Left) Cast Number One of the special Youth Hunt at the Labor Day Classic featured, (left to right) Austin Antrim with Nameless, Tyler Thomson with Jack, Ashley Knott with Kate, and Josh Forsee with Smooche.

Cast Two
Half Pint
Caleb Hood, owner/handler

Granny Jane
Matt Ryan, owner
Wesley Benham, handler

Andy King, owner
Cole McLane, handler

Don Dilk, owner
Patrick Thompson, handler

Cast Winner – Wesley Benham of Moore’s Hill, Ind., won the cast with Granny Jane. Jane’s score was 150 plus.

Photo: (Right) Cast Number Two of the special Youth Hunt at the Labor Day Classic featured, (left to right) Patrick Thompson with Annie, Cole McLane with Lacy, Wesley Benham with Granny Jane, and Caleb Hood with Half Pint.

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