2004 PKC Futurity Championship #1

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Sullivan, IN - We had a packed-out house last night for the opener of the 2004 PKC Futurity Championship. The overwhelming importance of registering coonhound pups with Professional Kennel Club was in evidence as more than 70 casts, some being sent to Greencastle and Washington in Indiana as well as to Marshall, Illinois in addition to those hunting out of Sullivan. Most casts, as you will see from the list of early round cast winners, scored plus points.

This writer's cast made six trees in typical pup derby style and have yet to see the first raccoon but that's the way it can be when hunting puppies. We hunted over in Illinois in the Robinson area in extremely dry conditions. The logic is that our pups couldn't trail in the tough conditions but they could find enough scent on the wood to get hooked. We'll be trying again tomorrow night.

Here are the successful early round cast winners with the late round winners to follow soon:

PKC Futurity Championship
Sullivan, IN
Thursday, September 23, 2004

Early Round Cast Winners

1. Jet’s Gentle Ben, Larry Meeks, Billy Vincent, zero
2. Bear Creek Bawling Chigger, Benny Decker, 75 minus
3. B B Ruby, Robbie Hall, 300 plus
4. Grip, Devin Creekmur, 250 plus
5. Habit’s Cross Bo, Carlton Reynolds, Tim Waters, 125 plus
6. Toyota Chrome, McCauley/Jackson, Tevis McCauley, 525 plus
7. Travis Rat’s Little Silk, Jeff Travis, 400 plus
8. Tequila’s Pride, Radford/Frye, Charlie Frye, zero
9. Tree Grippin’ Mo Jo, Joe Newlin, 150 plus
10. Saige, Jeremy Michaelis, 150 plus
11. Swamp, Tery L. Gwinnup, 175 plus
12. Rat’s Jackpot, Dennis Thornhill, 100 plus
13. Wipeout Stylish Ranger, Matlock/Wood, Sam Wood, 350 plus
14. Hutch’s Little Frosty, Dan E. Hutchison, 250 plus
15. Stanley’s Little Bell, Cecil Stanley, Michael Lennon, 125 plus
16. Duke’s Lever Action Ike, Roscoe Duke, Robert Tankersley, 125 plus
17. Illinois Abbey Justin Chism, 100 plus
18. Prime Time Mr. Hooch, J.C. Ellis, Charles Payton, Jr., 200 plus
19. Sweet Home Alabama, Don T. Hall, Angie Reid, 100 plus
20. Triple Creek Rat, Darrian Martin, 175 plus
21. Rose, William Johns, 200 plus
22. Duke’s Lotta Cash, Roscoe Duke, Josh Duke, 250 plus
23. Wilco, Leon Childers, zero
24. Rat’s Magic Trick, Mitchell/Mitchell, Ronnie Bone, 325 plus
25. Maus’s Pistol Pete, Kevin D. Maus, Mike Fleek, zero
26. Crank’s Action, Bobby Burden, 275 plus
27. Starns OK Jewell, Gary Starns, 225 plus
28. Rock River Style, Larry Gilbert, Acel Honey, 100 plus
29. Pride, Johnny Bell, Nicky Hale, 350 plus
30. Mouse, Caleb Hood, Bud Hood, 175 plus
31. Nocturnal Jake, Bolsen/Dickerson/Meyer, Toby Bolsen, 150 plus
32. Nickel Creek Pattie, Paul Howser, 200 plus
33. Ratso, Tommy Harrell, Lonnie E. Cleek, 350 plus
34. Tar Scream’n Storm, J.C. Ellis, Todd Armes, 300 plus
35. Silver Dollar Jacob, Allen Wilson, Chris Allen, 125 plus
36. Silver Dollar Kid Rock, Darrel Newton, Danny Hamby, 125 plus
37. Waxer, Ty Motsinger, 425 plus
38. Evil, Kris Bruckert, 100 plus
39. Big Creek Storm, Chester Cooley, Kurt Ernstes, 200 plus
40. Bib Creek Sam, Chester Cooley, 325 plus
41. Habit’s Flyin’ Mann, Krenson K. Knipher, E. Payton Caudill, 250 plus
42. Medley’s Hardwood Molly, Medley/Jones, Mike Jones, 225 plus
43. Stylish Shiloh, Couch/Perry, Terry Perry, zero
44. Styish Whyatt, Denny McNamara, 75 plus
45. Wilson’s Queenie, Allen Wilson, Randy L. Jaccaud, zero
46. Corrick’s Missouri Daisy, Eldon Corrick, 50 plus
47. Missouri Jewel, Kerry Bryan, 275 plus
48. Stylish Jessie, Hughes/Moody, Reg Moody, 200 plus
49. Sis, Gary House, 750 plus
50. Rat’s Stylish Maggie, Turner/Lynch, Kevin Turner, 75 minus
51. Josey, Sondra Beck, Brent Beck, zero (Harold Kirkes – coach)
52. J.R., Mike Gilbert, 125 plus
53. Ozo, Rauch/Stokes, Matt Stokes, 275 plus
54. Wild Cherry Bomber, Blue Creek Hounds, Josh Woolman, 50 plus
55. Rank’s Stylish Fancy, Crites/Crites/Hughes, Ron Tomlinson, Jr. 125 minus
56. Wipeout Barbwire, Morris/McKenzie, Loyd C. Morris, 200 plus
57. Allman’s Hardwood Boogie, Maurice Allman, Larry D. Robinson, 325 plus
58. Witch’s Hag, Brad Rattan, Ryan Crowson, 125 plus
59. Hooker, James E. Slick, Charlie Parsley, 225 plus
60. Prime Time Zip, J.C. Ellis, James McCormick, Jr., 50 plus
61. Cabin Creek Tuck, Joe Tinsman, Jr., 325 plus
62. Reynolds’ Raisin Cain, Carlton Reynolds, Eric Piatt, 125 plus
63. Flatrock Colt, Harris/Yant, Steve Yant, zero
64. TN Magic Coco, Bobby J. Hunt, zero
65. Brutus, Jim Branum, Don Redmon, 225 plus
66. Sauer’s Dawn, Fred E. Sauer, 175 plus
67. Death Wish, Walker/Smith, Ronnie Smith, 325 plus
68. Charley Creek Cutter Bill, Troy Powell, 200 plus
69. Hardwood Zeke, Steve Whitinger, Bill Hood, 300 plus
70. The Red Head Stranger, Stewart/Childers, Scott Engle, 100 plus
71. Idol, Steven Green, Dave Robert, 50 plus
72. Habit’s Bad Son, Larry R. Watson, Clay Stephens, 100 plus
73. Still’s Stylish Panic Attack, Still/Still, Chris Hiott, zero

PKC Futurity Championship
Sullivan, IN
Thursday, September 23, 2004
Late Round

Cast Winners:

1001: Swamp, Terry Gwinnup, 450 plus
1002: Bomber, Blue Creek Hounds, Josh Woolman, 650 plus
1003: Jackpot, Dennis Thornhill, 150 plus
1004: Grip, Kevin Creekmur, 200 plus
1005: Storm, Chester Cooley, Kurt Ernstes, 250 minus
1006: Sam, Chester Cool, 450 plus
1007: Style, Larry Gilbert, Acel Honey, 175 plus
1008: Cross Bo, Carlton Reynolds, Tim Waters, 175 plus
1009: Frosty, Dan Hutchinson, 275 plus
1010: Rat, Darrian Martin, 175 plus
1011: Maggie, Turner/Lynch, Kevin Turner, 375 plus
1012: (to be announced
1013: Death Wish, Walker/Smith, Ronnie Smith, 175 plus
1014: Daisy, Eldon Corrick, 275 plus
1015: Alabama, Don Hall, Angie Reid, 125 plus
1016: Storm, J.C. Ellis, Todd Armes, 400 plus
1017: Whyatt, Denny McNamara, 175 plus
1018: Barbwire, Morris/McKenzie, Loyd C. Morris, 150 plus
1019: Sis, Gary House, 175 minus

We will close entries at 6:00 PM for the second night of qualifying. All hounds with two cast wins in the same night, Thursday or Friday, will advance to the Quarterfinal Round on Saturday night.

"All the winners. All the time!"

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