2004 PKC Futurity Championship #2

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Sullivan, IN – The sun is coming up as I file the Friday night report. All but one cast is in from the se cond round on the second and final night of qualifying for the quarterfinals of the 2004 PKC Futurity Championship. In all, thirty-six hounds are now qualified as the competition kicks it up a notch on Saturday night. We hunted 260 hounds last night, compared to 288 on Thursday to run the two-night total to 548 pups running for the $10,000-plus, first place prize. Here’s the way they finished on Friday night.

I had an enjoyable cast tonight but came up short in my quest for the Futurity Championship title in my pup’s final year of eligibility. Here are some hounds and hunters that fared better. I wish them the best of luck in their individual quests of one of the grandest titles and one of the most impressive cash awards in the sport:

PKC Futurity Championship
Sullivan, Indiana
F6riday, September 24, 2004
260 entries

First Round Cast Winners

1. Kid, John Weaver, Jerry Winfrey, 25 plus
2. Travis’ Rat’s Little Silk, Jeff Travis, 150 plus
3. Charley Creek Cutter Bill, Troy Powell, 325 plus
4. Hemby’s Tenn. Mac, Johnnie Hemby, Rodney Hemby, zero
5. Johnny Paycheck, Timothy W. Hart, zero
6. Umphers’ Ragin’ Skipper, Umphers/Terry/Sexton, Jeremy Terry, 350 plus
7. Midnight Rider, Granberry/Granberry, John Granberry, 350 plus
8. Indian Creek Flatrock Tacoma, Asher/Vanzant, Ron Asher, zero
9. Toyota Chrome, McCauley/Jackson, Tevis McCauley, 125 plus
10. Tequilla’s Dixie, Pickles/Hopkins, Grant Jenkins, 175 plus
11. Buck Creek Lill, Larry Dean Weaver, Don Dunlap, 450 plus
12. Bolin Nttime Smoke, Billy Joe Bolin, John H. Hyneman, 112 ½ plus
13. Stylish Cedric, Jim Nelson, Randy Yant, 175 plus
14. Uplinger’s Sara, Carroll Uplinger, 325 plus
15. Stylish Flic, Troy Ferrari, 100 plus
16. B B Ruby, Robbie D. Hall, 150 plus
17. Queen’s Stylish Jubilee, Frankford/Braley, Nathan Braley, 25 plus
18. Precious Pepper, Kevin Spinks, Donnie Nelson, 325 plus
19. Flatrock Colt, Harris/Yant, Steve Yant, 150 plus
20. Rock River Cassie, Smith/Vogel/Cannon, Paul Dorris, zero
21. Long Hollow Tracey, Robert W. Sprouse, Ryan Crowson, 75 plus
22. Rock River Skipper, Coffin/Hughes, Jim Coffin, 100 plus
23. Charley Creek Edge, Brothers/Rugg, Dick Brothers, 125 plus
24. Rebel, Harry Hiott, Gerran Weeks, zero
25. Hardwood Speck, Bane/Bowling, Judas Bowling, 375 plus
26. Rat Attack Miss Whitey Girl, Ronald J. Brydon, 125 plus
27. Bugeyed Stylish Squaw, Jerry W. McNeill, 200 plus
28. Stanley’s Little Bell, Cecil A. Stanley, Michael G. Lennon, 200 plus
29. Creek Water’s Stylish Storm, Vogel/Wilson, Bill Wilson, 337 ½ plus
30. Nocturnal Jake, Bolsen/Dickerson/Meyer, Toby Bolsen, 25 plus
31. Wipeout Wino, Massengill/Taylor, Benny Taylor, 50 plus
32. Stylish Alley, Sheppard/Schlosser, Mike Sheppard, 575 plus
33. Coon Range Sandy, Ty Motsinger, Ryan Sanders, 200 plus
34. JR, Mike Gilbert, 325 plus
35. Cypress Creek Sharp, David M. Lunsford, 50 plus
36. Oconee River Waylon, Prince/Saxon, Trent Saxon, 25 plus
37. Ratso, Tommy Harwell, 175 plus
38. Spike, Richard Marshall, 300 plus
39. Briar Creek Rat Poison, Thompson/Martindale, Willis Martindale, 50 plus
40. Habit’s Little Girl, Strickland/Day, Cliff Day, 175 plus
41. Our Dog Screaming Shelby, Kampwerth/Harrell/Perrin, Jr., Ryan Kampwerth, 125 plus
42. Honey’s Queen Bee, Roy Tramble, Mike Tramble, 250 plus
43. Coon Range Waxer, Ty Motsinger, 200 plus
44. Moose’s Wipeout Zeus, Mark Sullivan, Coy Sullivan, 175 plus
45. Bart, Carlton Mitchell, Joe Stilley, 200 plus
46. Tree Jamming VooDoo, David Starr, Marc Ruble, zero
47. Diamond T Witchdoctor, Treadwell/Treadwell, T. John Treadwell, 125 plus
48. Pebbles, Carson Powers, Jason Goad, 75 minus
49. Ruby, Gray/Fairchild, Brian Gray, 200 minus
50. Rat’s Hardwood Dixie Chic, Beard/Beard/Steadman, Chad Beard, 100 plus
51. Money’s Jody, Noland/Clodfelder, Eric Nolan, zero
52. Wildwood Cracker Jack, Jeff Hensley, Wayne Hunter, 75 minus
53. Habit’s Flyin’ Mann, Krenson Knipher, Payton Caudill, 275 plus
54. Stylish Ugly, David Groeber, Ryan Groeber, 25 minus
55. High Cotton Carolina Jill, Charles E. Kelly, Kevin Kelly, 200 plus
56. Cabin Creek Tuck, Joe Tinsman, Jr., 300 plus
57. Avans Night Heat Sty. Dixie, Edward Avans, Brad Kindred, 425 plus
58. Stylish Maggie, Bane/Bowling, Chad Neal, 125 plus
59. Jet’s Gentle Ben, Larry Meeks, Billy Ray Vincent, 75 plus
60. Salt Creek Kiss This, Jerry Moll, 100 minus
61. Mountain Top Sackett III, Holly/VanMeter, Paul Holly, 75 minus
62. Shockin Ya’ll, Leon Childers, Billy Bell, 175 plus
63. Crank’s Action, Billy Burden, Bobby Burden, zero
64. Holder’s Wipeout Max, Jim Holder, 75 plus
65. Still’s Stylish Panic Attack, Still/Still, Chris Hiott, 250 plus

PKC Futurity Championship
Friday, September 24, 2004
Late Round

Late Round Cast Winners

2001: Flyin’ Moon, Krenson Knipher, Payton Caudill, 200 plus
2002: Cutter Bill, Troy Powell, 200 plus
2003: Waylon, Prince/Saxon, Trent Saxon, zero
2004: Witch Doctor, Treadwell/Treadwell, T. John Treadwell, 175 plus
2005: Ruby, Gray/Fairchild, Brian Gray, 400 plus
2006: Dixie, Edward Avans, Brad Kindred, 250 plus
2007: Rider, Granberry/Umphers, John Granberry, 350 plus
2008: Voodoo, David Starr, Marc Ruble, 350 plus
2009: Pepper, Kevin Spinks, Donnie Melson, 175 plus
2010: Action, Billy Burden, Bobby Burden, 200 plus
2011: Silk, Jeff Travis, 200 plus
2012: Cedric, Jim Nelson, Randy Yant, zero
2013: Cassie, Smith/Vogel/Cannon, Paul Dorris, zero
2014: Storm, Vogel/Wilson, Bill Wilson, 25 plus
2015: Shockin’ Y’all, Leon Childers, Billy Bell, 450 plus
2016: Edge, Brothers/Rugg, Dick Brothers, 275 plus
2017: Bart, Carlton Mitchell, Joe Stilley, 25 minus

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