Fall Super Stakes Championship #4

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Aurora, KY – The 792-dog field has been reduced to 52 pups as the 2004 PKC Fall Super Stakes Championship enters night number four of the five-night competition. There were 25 casts of one-year olds and 27 casts of two-year olds leaving the Tennis Center to hunt the early round Sunday night. The following hounds were victorious and re-drew for the late round:

Senior Super Stakes Championship for two-year olds

Cast 401
Judge – Mike Hensley
Guide – Bill Morris

Long Tall Sally, Walter Andrews, John Willett
Habit’s Flyin’ Mann, Krenson K. Knipher, John D. Strickland
Spruill’s Stylish Boz, Heflin or Spruill, Glen Heflin

Cast 402
Judge – Tommy McQueen
Guide – Josh Odum

Hardwood Shelby Attack, Wesley J. Sanford, Mike Newton
Tri Color Stylish Nowheres, Larry Proulx
Sis, Gary House, David Reynolds

Cast 403
Judge – Bobby Wood
Guide – T. A. Evans

Gunsmoke, Leon Childers, Scott Engle
Thunder’s Wild Tizzy, Douglas or Morris, Avery Bell
Hard Knockin Buzz, Stretch or Turner, Robbie W. Stout

Junior Super Stakes Championship for one-year olds

Cast 401
Judge – Tommy Wilson
Guide – Jerry Russell

Skuna River Wonder, Winston R. Aron, Joey Daugherty
RM’s Last Hope, Randy McLarnan
Death Wish, Walker or Smith, Ronnie Smith

Cast 402
Judge – Steven Campbell
Guide – Mike Smith

Silver $ Sugar Bay Otis, Crick or Newton, Billy Keeling
Buck Creek Lill, Larry Weaver, Don Dunlap
Joe’s Big Thicket J.R., Onnie Collins, Ray Prince

Cast 403
Judge – Floyd Ledman
Guide – Darrell Todd

Pine Creek Cajun, Charles L. Sumner
Jet’s Gentle Ben, Larry Meeks, Billy Ray Vincent
Stone River Sharp, Ronnie L. Nickens

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