Opening night at the World Hunt

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Aurora, KY – What a night! The weatherman threw more stuff than a major league starter last night but we w eathered the storms and crowned two Super Stakes Champions in addition to hunting the first night of the World Hunt! Whew!

We hunted 353 hounds on the first night, despite inclement weather and the following happy hunters are scratching and yawning at the breaking of a warm, sunny day here in Aurora:

Late Round Cast Winners

Cast 101 – Wipeout Stylish Lacy, Ward/Wallace, Justin Wallace
Cast 102 – Rowdy, John Strickland, Jeff Ricklefs
Cast 103 – Cody’s G-News Storm, Cody/Frazier, Dwayne Frazier
Cast 104 – Jar, Carlton Reynolds, David Blake
Cast 105 – Ranger, Tommy Vivian, Ronnie House
Cast 106 – Kiddy Wipeout Ruby, Kiddy/Kiddy, Jonathan Warrington
Cast 107 – Bear Swamp Max, Ward/Bass, Patrick Cribb
Cast 108 - Stylish Jet, Meyer/Dickerson, Russ Meyer
Cast 109 – Ann, Black/Bagwell, Chester Black
Cast 110 – Tree Talking Magic, Clay Askew
Cast 111 – Tequila Sunrise, Lynch/Hopkins, Ashley Hopkins
Cast 112 – Hardtime Jeb, J.C. Ellis, Anthony Arnold
Cast 113 – Goose Creek Slugger, Frank Johnson, Mark Jones
Cast 114 – Ann, Harris/Yant, Randy Yant
Cast 115 – Wateroak Mable, Meyer/Dickerson, Jess Dickerson
Cast 116 – Smackdown, Vogel/Deaton, Dickie Deaton
Cast 117 – Molly, Allen Wilson, Chris Allen
Cast 118 – Toby, Shiloh Kennel, Keith Dyess
Cast 119 – Jenni, John Strickland, Jerry Moll
Cast 120 – Molly, French/French, Jerry Russell
Cast 121 – Smoke, Morris/McKenzie, Loyd C. Morris
Cast 122 – Wipeout Zack, McQueen/Ferguson, Mike Ferguson
Cast 123 – Poison, Eddie Fields, Tony Walker

We’re heading into night number two and will report those results as we go. If you can get away, come on down to the Land Between the Lakes and join us for the premier competition in the coonhound world, the PKC World Hunt!

“All the winners. All the time!”

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