Squirrel SS & World Hunt 2004

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Flora, IL – The 2004 Squirrel Super Stakes Championships and World Championships are being held this weeke nd at Flora, Illinois. Here are the results thru Friday, as reported by Hunt Director, Rick Stretch:

Junior Super Stakes Championship

1st Place – Flop
Rick Twining, Owner/Handler

2nd Place – Tim
Lesia Broadway, Owner/Handler

Senior Super Stakes Championship

1st Place – Jay
Lavan Kennedy, Owner/Handler

Squirrel World Championship
First Round Qualifiers

Red Man
Ernest Johnson, Owner
Carl Reed, Handler
Score – 125+

Doug Marlowe, Owner/Handler
Score – 475+

Miller/Stretch, Owner
Bud Stretch, Handler
Score – 500+

Tom Morgan, Owner/Handler
Score – 100+

Rick Twining, Owner
Gary Wilson, Handler
Score – 100+

Barry Kiddy, Owner/Handler
Score – 300+

Doyle Sherman, Owner
Ed Reinhart, Handler
Score – 300+

Jimmy Lee, Owner/Handler
Score – 100+

There will be another qualifying round held on Saturday, November 13, 2004. Check back later for more updates.

Who will be the 2004 Squirrel World Champion?
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