Plott Days '05- Night Two

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Cardington, OH—Imagine this if you can. A total of 120 raccoon were scored on last night in the combined events. A quick count of Thursday night’s cards showed a total of 71, for a two night total of 191. This is definitely coon country and if you want to see who has the fastest coon-treeing dog you need to be here.

Plott Breed Championship
1st Sqwall
Ken Roark, O/H

2nd Sandy
Darren Keith, O/H

3rd Razor
Eddie Anderson, O/H

Youth Hunt (split)
Dake/Selby, O
Austin Antrim, H

David Mullins, O/H

Jon Holbrook, O
Travis Holbrook, H

Pup Derby (split)
Smith/Cannon/Vogel, O
Jack Coomer, H

Robert Druschel, O/H

Richard Newman, O
Scott Peters, H

Don Gostomsky, O
Jeff Stallard, H

CW- Ike
Denny McNamara, O/H

CW- Dirty
Jim Matheny, O
Brent Goss, H

Open Event (split)
Rich Allen, O/H

Wright/Sparks, O
Dean Wright, H

Ron Weigmann, O
Marc Ruble, H

Charlie Parsley, O/H

CW- Sweety
Todd Brady, O
David Fleming, H

CW- Queenie
Allen Wilson, O
Randy Jaccaud, H

CW- Twister
Harold Mogg, O/H

CW- Tom
Jim Samples, O/H

CW- Pete
Noel Bailey, O/H

CW- MoJo
Mike McCallistger, O
Cody Sipe, H

CW- Butch
Alvin Zymont, O
Rick Osborn, H

CW- Sis
Gerald Eblin, O
Mike Walters, H

CW- Blue Sugar
Alvin Williamson, O/H

CW- Abbie
Mitchell/Mitchell, O
Wayne Yopp, H

CW- Boomer
Mike Nicholas, O
Dave Nicholas, H

CW- Style
Larry Weaver, O
Chuck Dunlap, H
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