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Aurora, KY – What started 10 nights ago, has finally come to the end. This evening we sent six hounds to the woods for their first round of championship competition. Please join us in crowing the World Championship by following this evening’s event on the Play-By-Play message board. Here is how they drew out for the first round of competition.

Cast 601
Judge: Mike Hensley
Guide: Roy Thurby

Ahring/Turner/Lynch – O
Keving Turner – H

Caney Creek Shi Daisy
Billy Craddock – O/H

Cast 602
Judge: Clayton Dial
Guide: Jerry Russell

Doctor’s Sassy Lady
Gilbert/Hollingsworth – O
Mike Gilbert – H

That’s Gonna Hurt
Byrum/Higdon – O
Greg Lewis – H

Cast 603
Judge: Kevin Robinson
Guide: Jimmy Russell

Hardwood Rebel
Frazier/Strickland – O
David A. Dial – H

G&E Fightin Side
Engle/Gross – O
Joe Gross – H

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