2007 Fall Baby Stakes Results

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Saturday Night
October 20, 2007

The future coonhound winner

s of the world; “The Baby Stakes” are being introduced. These pups are hardly one year old and are going to town. A total of 71 Baby Stakes hunted on a beautiful night except the moon is getting bright. They were still able to tree a few raccoon. The final four is as follows:

Get Deep Case - 3rd
Ben Hovey – O
Chris Simmons – H
Score 100-

Casper - 4th
Brandon Livingston – O/H
Score 200-

Hoosier Fly - 1st
Ronald A. Wiegmann – O
Marc Ruble – H
Score 175 Cr

Mile Branch Sister -2nd
David Lawson – O
Willie Smith - H
Score 50 Deleted

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