08 Fall Baby Stakes put on a show!

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2008 Fall Baby Derby

It was a beautiful night but someone forgot to tell brer coon, most of the nig

ht was circle trees or something worse. There were 47 ’08 model pups out competing in their first PKC pup event for their proud owners. The Hardin club had an abundance of guides and did a good job with the hunt. These pups have an excellent career ahead of them, they will compete again next year as a “baby stake” the next year as a Junior Super Stake and the next year in their Senior Super Stakes under the new format. They sure have a lot to look forward to as PKC pups and off to a good start. The winners were:

Final Four Placement

1st Swampy Bottoms Super Bad
Joey Robinson Owner
Jason Harper Handler

2nd Drummer
Sonny Kemp Owner
Matt Craddock Handler

3rd & 4th Split
Jason Will O/H

3rd & 4th Split
Stony River Big Johnson
Tim Cantrell O/H

Cast Winners

Sonny Kemp O
Matt Craddock H

William Cochran O
Billy Bell H

Stylish Kennel O
Tom White H

Jason Will O/H

IRS- aka- Side
Isenberg, Rollins, Smith O
John Isenberg H

Billy Trammell O
Steven Miller H

Broken Oak Loud
Dennis Porter O
Jason Kerley H

Stony River Big Johnson
Tim Cantrell O/H

Stylish Nick
Steven Decker O/H

Swampy Bottoms Super Bad
Jay Robinson Owner
Jason Harper Handler

Legend’s Stylish Dan
Chad Blackwell O
Josh Dodd H

Salt River Dennis
Buckler or Ashby O
Nelson Ashby H

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