Senior Super Stakes Semi-Finals

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We have six finalist out hunting in two-dog cast for the right to advance to the championship. Championsh ip will begin tomorrow night about 7:30 and we will have a play by play as well as a computer program of the hunt. Check the forum for the details. Match-up are as follows:

Cast 4001
Judge: Jonathan Barnes
Guide: Jerry Russell

Flatrock Rain Drop
Billy Burden-Owner
Shawn Burden-Handler

Swamp Spyder
Chad Hicks-Owner
Jonathan D. Warrington-Handler

Cast 4002
Judge: Jeff Travis
Guide: Billy Keeling

Brushy Breek Shaina Twain
Eddie Fields-Owner
Ronald Burney-Handler

Durkeeā€™s Proud Mo
Harrie Keith Durkee-Handler

Cast 4003
Judge Jeff McCord
Guide: Terry McLeod

Bugeyed Terrible Tiny
Nick Alberson-Owner
Jerry W. McNeill-Handler

Neuse River Zippy
Darrin L. Marrit- Handler
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